The safety vest duty is 1 July. Here you can read what applies when traveling abroad - and which vest was best in our test.

FÜR three Euros, visit a Pills, this match a sausage, the Italians three scoops of ice cream - or a part that can save your life. Ever thought about a safety vest? Also car drivers must have a reflective vest in the car in early. A corresponding decree amending the Federal Council decided on 5 July.

When the safety vest duty is in Germany? A duty has been around for drivers of commercial vehicles. How should the vest look? For safety vests the European Standard 471 (EN 471) applies. That is, only the colors yellow, orange or red-orange are allowed. Two reflective stripes at the bottom of both sides are required.

How do I know that the vest complies with the standard? On the wash plate, which is sewn into the reflective vest, EN is 471. Where can I keep the vest best suited to? When getting out of the car, you should already wear the vest.

Must the safety vest are particularly active? No. In order not to restrict its function, protect the vest from direct sunlight and moisture, put back into the package after use. By the way: A dirty vest can be washed at 30 degrees in the machine.

How do I wear the vest right? You should sit as smooth as possible to the body. This means that the Velcro strips remain closed. Only then it is guaranteed that during the day the colored areas appear particularly bright in the sunlight, and that night the reflective stripes, the light of the headlights reflect.

What is true when traveling abroad? In many European countries there is a high visibility vest compulsory. Often not only the driver has to wear one, but every inmate, disregard threatens hefty fines. We recommend: a holiday a vest for all passengers.

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Last year, six pedestrians were killed in the district of Schweinfurt in accidents. They were traveling in the dark without safety vest and have not been recognized by motorists. This year, another pedestrian was killed. How should you protect yourself?

The other day a post in the Facebook group: "An athletic young man who already Métier the road towards jogs the third night in a row against 17:15 along. Perhaps you are in this group and read this and take these words to heart: MAN LOOKS DO NOT!!!! "Many users have commented on the article. For the lonely jogger is evident in some good company. Within the city the thing in the dark is quite simple - mostly, anyway. Pedestrians use the sidewalks, cross at crosswalks or at traffic lights roads and have a sense of security. Anders sites outside built-up town of: No sidewalk and no street lights. The pedestrian sees a car coming - the other way, this is often not the case.

There are many ways to dress as pedestrians wrong in the dark. Or, the other way, it's actually easier to increase the personal safety. Iona Burner lists three items: "reflective vest, triangle cloth or foot and bracelets reflect." A flashlight is also okay, but should be a pedestrian the light cone obliquely downward directed to the street. "For motorists that's good to see," says the acting as traffic safety consultant Police upper commissioner. But everyday life is not so ideal. As dog owners decorate their four-legged friends with collars or leashes, where LED lights are flashing - but themselves remain hidden because they wear dark clothes.

This is in the Highway Code

"Who is going to foot must use the sidewalks," it says in paragraph 25 of the Road Traffic Regulations (RTR) apply. The road may only use pedestrian when the road neither sidewalk still has shoulder.

On the road applies: within built-up areas must be left to the right or left edge of the roadway. Outside built is the left edge of the road obligation (except may be for example a rock or wall which rise directly to the left edge of the road).

"When it is dark, when visibility is poor or if the traffic situation so requires, must be passed individually in a row." From a legal perspective should a pedestrian who is involved in dark clothing at night in an accident, always threatening a partial liability as a major contributor.

Seem excessive whom these guidelines should take a look at the accident statistics: In 2015, 18 people were killed in accidents in the district of Schweinfurt. Six of them were "not been seen and are" as pedestrians go. The time of the accident was in each case during the evening or night hours. Also this year is in the district of Schweinfurt a pedestrian who could not be seen, met his death in an accident in the dark.

School children, recommends the police officer should always wear to school a light vest with reflective fabric tape - "that gives it so often to-school" - or reflective pendants and badges attention to the clothes. "Also during the west and Blinks should be worn because it is simply easier to recognize," advises Iona Burner.

But even the right clothing and the presence of a police officer does not protect forever. This includes the use of crosswalks. "We always tell the children that they should go only when an approaching car has stopped." But many drivers would not know. "The then head but across the crosswalk because they think the children would it change your mind," the top Commissioner describes her experiences.

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Also this year, Haste involved again at the nationwide action "Our clean Schleswig-Holstein" - also called "Action Clean Landscape" called. Volunteer in reflective vest take the spring cleaning in our community is organizational reasons, but instead of a week before the nationwide action. For cleaning action of the Schleswig-Holstein Community Day, the Association of Cities Schleswig-Holstein and the provincial insurance call.

The NDR 1 Welled Nord and the Schleswig-Holstein magazine to accompany the action as media, and the way end, Federation of Municipalities of the circle Seeger provides to our organization for waste disposal.

Helpers, who wish to participate in the action, are welcome. But I would be remiss not to point out that functional, wind- and rain-proof clothing, and if possible, work gloves and especially when using roadside reflective safety vests (available on site and loan) are useful for the action.

The main players in Haste are local farmers, members of the volunteer fire department Haste. Scouting St. Peter and St. John, the men Brunch at St. Peter's Church, hunting clubs Gutenberg, Haste and Wurzburg, the fishing association Carp e. V. and the German Red Cross local association Haste e. V. that when spring cleaning on March 18 at 9:30 am to join. Meet at the community center, Becker mountain road 34.

From the community center it goes in groups of the scheduled collection areas. After work, there are around 12:30 pm for all participants in reflective tape a tasty stew and a drink. All bets are cared for organization and logistics of the local government, and it provides for the pleasure of his assets. In cooperation with the way it also regulates the proper disposal of the collected waste.

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Police armed with machine guns patrol the streets of Polish cities. They look dangerous. Black uniforms, safety vests, boots, sometimes helmets. Not only that, they have the usual pistols on his belt, slung it by the neck. Armed patrols appeared in Warsaw, but also in other cities too.

Anxiously as the line of fire

- In the Warsaw Station Downtown I saw police officers armed with automatic weapons. It's maybe my touchiness, but I started to look around, if not lurking assassin. Or not stand on the line of fire. Seeing the patrol felt more threatened than encouraged a sense of safety - says Andrej from Warsaw.

The more he was surprised to patrol because I had not heard about the threat of assassination in the capital. It is surprised that no one reacts. Recalls uproar when city guards. Similarly the hunters, who in addition to rifles decided to equip themselves with handguns.

- And here, please housed the parade with machine guns and they all nod of acceptance. This is sick!

Poznan targeted by bombers?

Uniformed view of the long weapon is a common image in Western Europe. Poles could be noted during their holiday trips to Arab countries. In Poland, however, they arouse surprise.

- When I first saw the beach in Cyprus with uniformed weapon that impressed me. Later, I got used. What was my surprise when I saw a policeman in reflective vest armed with a long gun in front of the shopping gallery Arcadia - says Catherine, a resident of Warsaw.

Meanwhile, not only the capital must be at stake. Heavily armed patrols appeared in Poznan.

The summit ended patrols were

- are a continuation of the security patrols were made before the NATO summit.

As explained patrolled there are places where he is especially a lot of people, or train stations, airports. - Prime Minister then issued a regulation in connection with the terrorist threat - the press office of the Regional Police Headquarters in Lodz.

Alarm expired on August 1, but still patrols. How does it explain the capital as police...?

- We use measures are adequate to the threat. As you can see situation after the recent events in Europe is uneasy - explains Anna of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters in Warsaw.

They fulfilled our fears?

Kiel also advised to call the Police Headquarters with a nagging me, asking who is responsible for the cancellation patrol the streets. He recalls that on July 2 came Anti-Terror Law, from which the current authorities have seized. First, before the NATO summit in Warsaw from 7 to 10 July introduced the first stage alarm Alpha. There were patrols equipped. Bravo to the degree of cyberspace. All these projects have secured WYD.

We wrote a lot about the law, which came to power officers from vending machines. We warned that the new law gives a lot of the ruling powers. Worse law can be used against government opponents. Not only the power of Law and Justice, as each succeeding. Against these provisions also protested the Ombudsman? Do heavily armed police in safety jacket are already examples of power dishes too big powers?

Why not canceled patrols, since there is no alarm? Questions addressed to the Police Headquarters. After a day of waiting I got the answer that I have to wait a few more.

That's why I turned to an expert for more security. Head of the Terrorism Research Center, the current situation may be a lack of coordination between departments: - On one hand, we have to ensure that there is no danger, and the other boys carry such a weapon. I have mixed feelings about the introduction of its patrols. From the point of view of ordinary Kowalski can arouse fear. But we have to slowly get used to this.

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This year's edition of the police action "Candle" is likely to prove one of the most tragic in recent years. After a weekend statistics are not optimistic, and the day's biggest traffic we are still ahead.

During the pre-Christmas weekend in 272 cases, 23 people died and 338 were injured. In three days, police in safety vest arrested 776 drunk drivers. The police, however, only wait for the biggest wave of traffic. In the evening, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 on the road will leave millions of people. During one of the most tragic of the "torch" in recent years - from 31 October to 1 November 2001 year - 407 cases, 62 people died and 505 were injured. This year, the weekend adjacent to All Saints Day has prompted many people to take a trip further than usual.

Ongoing since Friday of the "torch" officers examine, among others, sobriety managers, technical condition and vehicle speed. The safety of travelers disarmed several thousand officers. Increased number of patrols is particularly evident on the access roads to the cities and in the vicinity of cemeteries. The officers’ direct traffic as the largest cemeteries in the cities changed traffic organization. It is worth checking planned difficulties and instead of going to the gates of the cemetery, guided by a specially designated parking space.

The actions associated with these particular, the November days of police other uniformed services. The security officers attend the Military Police, municipal police and municipal and Railway Security Guard.

Police points out that in moving onward journey, each driver should remember a few basic principles. First, you must get in behind the wheel, being sober and rested. Secondly, before heading out on the road you have to prepare your car to drive: check that all lights are working, or fluids in the engine are completed, if the tires are properly inflated, do we have all the documents. Another principle is to wisely plan your journey - so as not to defeat the whole, sometimes we go distance at a time, just spread it into several stages. It is at about 100 km, take a short break: get out of the car, stretch the legs, and breathe fresh air. Fourth, traveling, remember that everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt; the driver must always be switched on in the car lights.

About their safety they should be take care not only control, but also pedestrians and cyclists. The turn of October and November is the period where the weather conditions are highly variable and faster nightfall. Each pedestrian and cyclist should ensure that, in order to be visible. Reflective vest, pendant, bracelet, or even a simple flashlight will make moving around the dimly lit road will be more visible to oncoming drivers. It is important to place them: reflections should appear on the knees, hands, near the center of the chest and back - then we will have confidence that they are clearly visible to other road users. Every pedestrian who is moving after dark on the road outside the built-up area must be placed in a reflection visible to managers. For the lack of reflective material element threatens the mandate from 20 to 500 zł.

During the last year of the "Torch 2015" on Polish roads in four days there were 294 accidents in which 36 people were killed and 340 were injured. Research carried out by the police sobriety led to the elimination of traffic in 1337 drunk in charge. Many of the accidents occurred due to reckless drivers and speeding, which was supported by a truly spring weather during the day, and the frost and fog in the morning.

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In five provinces began to winter holidays. In some areas of Polish for a few days remains negative temperature, which lovers of skates or walking on frozen lakes should appeal to you. Rescuers Voluntary in safety vest provides Water Rescue Service, however, warns against hasty climbing on frozen waters.

As Paul says Basie, vice president of the Board of the WOPR, last year's frosts too short to have fun on the ice. Temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius lasting for 3 weeks is safe minimum.

"For such a lake can be accessed, but with adequate protection and knowledge, because something can always happen" - Vice President WOPR strongly advise against going on the frozen river, because the thickness of the ice may be irregular because of the current.

Paul, speaking of security, equipment lists, how is equipped anglers fish on frozen lakes. This includes pushing, which can be in the event of the collapse of the ice to give the other person and so-called ice spikes that help to get out of the hole, around which is slippery. For this special foam-is filled buoyancy reflective vest?

If you have already come to the collapse of the ice, it is essential to remain calm and act quickly, because the body in several steps in the water quickly loses strength. "The main thing is not to fall under the ice" - Paul instructs.

While falling into the water should be widely spread hands to resist for drifting apart. Then we should be reversed in the direction from which we came - where the ice is already proven - and try to crawl on his stomach, and out of the water continues to crawl to the edge of the tracks. You have to remember that ice that has already burst, is compromised and weakened.

On the other hand, if we are witnessing the collapse of the ice under someone can help, giving the subject available at hand and remember not to approach to the hole. You can with your safety jacket or two to do so. Snake and throw rescued person. If caught, we try to pull it out.

A person staying in the cold water would be cold one, because as soon as you need to transport it in a warm place and change cloth. Person in wet clothes, the cold is still surrounded by ice, and the chilling of.

But first you should call 112 and ask for help and appropriate services with specialized equipment.

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The company MMO announced the commercial version of the chair to be virtual reality. The seat with reflective material rotates 360 degrees, and holding his arm swings in either direction. Everything to reflect as accurately as possible what is happening currently in the game.

This is one of the most advanced gadgets associated with virtual reality, which will go to the broad sales. Production of specialized chair is a Ukrainian company MMO Company, which recently received a safety certificate by TÜV.

To act MMO needs high for at least 4 meters premises with an area of 27 square meters.

Promotional video is impressive. You have to remember that the chair simulates virtual seats. It sounds strange, but it simply means that the equipment works best in conjunction with the games in which you control a car or plane.

The feelings associated with the virtual filming barrels or falling from a height apparently is amazing.

It is not known yet how much will cost equipment, but manufacturers are planning to distribute in the form of leasing, and the chair would rather appear at the point’s entertainment or shopping malls with a reflective tape sign.

Virtual Reality 2.0

MMO appears as an ideal gadget for lovers of virtual reality. Sometimes we hear opinions according to which the actual beginnings of the VR-u we still have to wait. Same helmets worn over the head, even combined with motion controllers, do not allow us to empathize so well in a given situation. It's hard to talk about moving to the virtual world. I still feel that this is just the merit of the screen (actually two screens), which we have right before your eyes.

Partly with the problem that has measured the HTC that your set of virtual reality attached controllers equipped with a vibration function. Speakers mimic the actual impact or shots, what great feel, for example, in the simulator light saber from "Star Wars."

Another idea for the better perception of games in virtual reality projects of special treadmill moving in any direction. The device synchronized with goggles and a computer capable of a more powerful entry into the gaming world with the prospect of the first person, for example. In Warsaw disco VR, or arcade VR, so the running was connected to one of the posts with the game Counter-Strike.

And there are projects safety vests equipped with vibrating motors and speakers, which have to reflect the real world, including VR-those gunshot wounds.

One of the latest devices of this type is Vest's Wooer. Vests were presented in September 2016 year. It has four built-in sensors on the chest and two in the middle of the back, along the spine.

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The panic around reflective vest is useless. Transport Ministry responds to information that motorists will have to change old for new vests. "Motorists change warning vests of necessary equipment does not need to," says the Ministry of Transport.

Panic sparked amendment to the Decree, which implements the rules of road traffic. To it got delayed for several years, specifying the applicable standard form reflective elements.

"From January 1, 2016 is valid in the Czech Republic as part of mandatory equipment for vehicles waistcoat according to CSN EN ISO 20471: 2013," says Denel DAS shelf from the company that manufactures first aid kits and car accessories. The amended ordinance and adopted a standard that is valid in the Czech Republic for three years. "The standard EN ISO 20471: 2013, which is harmonized by Government Regulation 21/2003 Coll., Replaced the standard EN 471 1 October 2013," says George of trade "It specifies clothes with high visibility, gives the test methods and requirements."

Previous form ordinance valid until the end of last year, therefore, required to keep under no corrections. The amendment introduced a delay in accordance with the decree and applicable standard.

Kristina Marketing firm that manufactures reflective fabric elements, states that vests and other products made according to the applicable standards EN ISO 20471 since 2013.

The original appearance of the standards by Denel knew three grades and luminance reflective elements. "The differences between the stages are really striking," says Denel. The new standard was canceled for various levels and is precisely specified parameters of quality materials and reflectivity.

"Of the Decree is no obligation to change the vest," calms the Ministry of Transport. "The protective properties of the vest that matched an earlier European standard EN 471, are sufficient in terms of safety and meet the technical requirements," says Thomas Neola from the ministry's press department. "It is true that the vest, which is part of the compulsory equipment must comply with European standard EN 471 and EN ISO 20,471th from any enactment but does not mean that older vests filling this standard are not right, and people can use," he adds.

What standard vest filled, easy to find the label that is sewn to the vest.

"Manufacturers continue to have an obligation to affix CE marking on a product, which expresses conformity with the essential requirements of Government Regulation and the Directive," says Thomas Neola. Warning vest mandatory equipment vehicles but according to the Ministry not among those protective clothing, that according to the standards they must indicate the number (four digit code) notified (authorized) persons assessing conformity with regulations. "This applies to other, specialized, protective gear," explains Neola.

According to one of the dealer’s reflective elements who do not want to be named, these products are usually tested in Germany.

According to information on the Czech market, there are products with reflective material of Chinese origin, which have much less ability to reflect light. He has to go on different tapes and accessories, which since February mandatory for pedestrians (more here).

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A man of 66 years of Curtis died after being hit by a truck on the way to court. Police in safety vest are investigating the cause of the accident.

We refer accident took place on September 24 at around 20:30 on county road 792 C leads to the courtyard. A man aged 66 years traveling by bicycle in the middle of the road. Without a helmet, reflective vest on him and without bike have any lighting or reflective element to make visible to other road users - the cyclist was hit by a truck driven by a man in Chisinau Chris.

The victim was transported to hospital where he died. But before death, her biological samples were taken to determine whether or not it had consumed alcoholic beverages. The results indicated that the rider had a blood alcohol level of 1.20 pure alcohols in the blood when the accident occurred.

"The accident took place on 24 September at around 20:30 and the first research conducted on the spot established that a man aged 66 years in the yard, while traveling on a bicycle with wearing a reflective clothing on the road county 792 C from DN79 courtyard was fatally injured by a train headed in the same direction of travel of a man of 54 years of Chisinau Chris. Carry out further research to establish the exact circumstances of the accident, while being concerned together a dossier of criminal investigation for manslaughter, "said Inspector Lorraine, Arad county police spokesman.

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It is widely known that the bust may advertise everything - even PVC tiles. It is a truism will also say that it perfectly suited to advertise motorcycles and motorcycle accessories by reflective material, which are still largely, interested mainly men.

Scorpion patented unique technology inflatable cheek pads Air fit, thanks to the helmet adapts perfectly to the shape of the head. This solution has also been used for the new Scorpion - model Exo-1000 (type E11) Air Pulse and now available on the market crust Air Spring. As the helmets are available on the European market, the French immediately performed shells advertising brand. It is also a kind of flick in the face for all those who are behind the introduction of mandatory reflective vest in France, and local motorcyclist stringent safety standards. With his sense of humor Air fit system compared to the part of the female body, which reportedly frequently mean statistical motorcyclist. According to the creators of the ad we throw it in the eyes more than most fluorescent paint a helmet or reflective clothing.

"The best protection is fluorescent and inflated" and "Press is inflated," proclaim the subtitles accompanying photographs generously endowed by nature models, dressed in helmets Scorpion and much more. Perhaps the feminists will not be thrilled, accusing the creators of objectification of the female body. We are curious whether you agree with them, do you think, perhaps, that the boundaries of good taste are not exceeded, and interesting combination emphasized properly.

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