As a rule, young school pupils and adult school walkers are responsible for ensuring school safety. This service can still be maintained, because not enough voluntary helpers report. In the Anton, police superintendent Günter Thales now appealed to the parents of the first years to get involved.

"All parents want their children to come to school, but time does not come", headmistress Lamer brings the problem to the point. In the autumn, 70 children are trained in the Anton. Many of the girls and boys go to school every day, some of them having to cross the main road or other busy streets. There are particularly vulnerable places where schoolchildren are ready to help children safely cross the street. At the moment, Günter, with the Police together with Michaela Rosenthal, responsible for the school safety, can now employ only 21 adult helpers alongside the student guides. "This is the minimum," says Taller.

The helpers ensure a transition and the transition in the middle of the city. Especially there in the morning always very many students on the road, at the same time also the traffic is the densest, because a lot of school buses pass the place. In the absence of enough adult helpers, Thales Am also has to use student solders. This is not optimal. Therefore, the police officer hopes that today, on the day of the registration of the future first years, he will find a few new voluntary school helpers. It is important that the young parents themselves behave as exemplary on the road. "If the parents do not make it clear, the children cannot really learn it." Above all a situation is a thorn in his eye: "Often parents keep their car in front of the school directly in the absolute ban, but this is forbidden." Because the children are to hurry, dangerous situations quickly come.

However, the goal is to ensure that the children are not driven, but run to school. Thus he is on the topic of school path helpers. He appealed to the parents in the Aula to volunteer for this service. "The half an hour a week early between 7.30 and 8 o'clock," he says, the more helpers are involved, the less often the mission is, the helper is equipped with a safety vest and a trowel, as well as the municipal liability insurance, and accident insurance, if anything happens, Thales continues.

The 56-year-old police officer is supported by Catharina Schulz. "It is very important to me," says the mother of two children, who has been active as a school chaplain for years, hoping that new help will be found, but she will continue to do so even though her youngest son leaves the primary school. But some of the other long-term school helpers would gladly give the honorary office again, she knows.

Sabine Popp is today with her son Maximilian in the elementary school, which he will visit from September. "The school helpers are a great thing," she says, and the young mother, the teacher, would report to herself, "but only if it is compatible with my duty schedule," she said. For many parents, professional activity seems to be the problem of why they do not commit themselves voluntarily. Also Holder Kessler, father of Nina, says: "This is, of course, a good thing, but I cannot help because I work from five o'clock in the morning." Nevertheless, Günter Thales does not give up the hope: he publishes lists in the Aula in which helpers can register. Six volunteers in reflective vest are taking part after the infusion, and five want to consider the mission. With this result, the police superintendent is quite satisfied.

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The traffic safety action "Together against Wild Casualties" is being continued in the district of Nirenberg due to the still too many wild casualties.

"Together against wild casualties" is the traffic safety action of several cooperation partners, the goal of which has been to reduce the number of wild casualties noticeably since 2011. Pink thumbs, dialog displays, blue reflectors at the guide posts, distributing info sheets to drivers are measures to reduce the number of wild accidents and increase road safety.

"In spite of all measures, the number of wild casualties has unfortunately changed only slightly:" In 2013, 965 wild animals were recorded in Nirenberg County; the police recorded a decline in 824 with 828, and this year around 900 accidents with game " "said Gabriela Meikles, police officer," that is, every third accident is still a wild accident.”

The drivers are well informed about the wild casualty probability in the county - nevertheless, still high speeds are driven. Thus, the average speed on the B 214 in the branch area to the landfill is 97 hours per kilometer, although a road speed of 80 km / h is recommended because of the wild incidents. "The three-wheelers are massively deployed in just a few places and are changing every six weeks, and the road makers are more likely to change the speed displays," explains Axel, traffic safety officer at the Nirenberg police station. Affected are all the streets of the county. A surprising game change must be expected at any time of day or night. So: Down from the gas and be ready to brake!

If an animal emerges, Axel recommends slowing down, dumping and honking. If a collision can no longer be avoided, the steering wheel should be held and a full braking action should be initiated. Do not avoid uncontrolled. In the case of an accident, the police must be informed and the accident site must be secured. Keep at the edge of the road, turn on the hazard warning system and tighten the safety vest. Anyone who takes the slaughtered game will be punished for poaching.

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Epergne has secured the entry into the Guinness book of the records: 362 children in yellow vest tractors gave a 444.6 meter long queue. All vehicles had to be occupied and in line: 362 children's tractors on Thursday a 444.6 meters long queue.

"We are world champions" - this is how they are now celebrated. The world record is on Thursday to the start of the music concert. The longest known children's trampoline line with 362 vehicles was found along a length of 444.6 meters. "The result surpasses all our surprises," shone Oliver, who had the idea for this competition.

Peter, as the chief organizer, has implemented the project with his helper team. Everything went like clockwork. Already in the early afternoon, the first vehicle drivers came in with their companions, chauffeured from their parents, often with siblings and grandparents, uncles and aunts. The street in front of the filled itself, and the area next to the hall was also occupied by small editions of well-known tract brands. Some had advanced with trailers and hay, others with wagons or farm implements. From the simple plastic variant, the spectrum ranged to comfortable models, in which parents had invested a lot of money. Some had adorned their tractor with flowers, so a colorful and lively picture was offered. Over time it was orange, because each child was given a safety vest.

The response to the experiment was enormous: the participants had come to Emerging from the entire area and up to the Algae. Everything had to have its order for the record. All vehicles had to be occupied and in line, only then were counted under notorious supervision. Furthermore, the action was filmed - as further proof of the record. He was cheered by the public on the roadside and there was a La-Ola wave of children with reflective vest. "Very great," also mayor Hans Rigger and the music club chairman Roland Lang. A torso was renounced, finally raised a funny world-record party. In addition, four new pedal tractors were raffled.

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How hard this safety vest in the mission is, "asks the guest from Berlin the present policemen.”Six kilos," is the answer, which can hardly be heard in the photographers' flashlights. "Oh, it's still possible, I had a vest in Afghanistan, which was even heavier, terribly difficult," says the guest from Berlin. As a vice-chancellor of the republic, Sigma Gabriel has already had to shoulder a lot. During his visit to Hanover, he does not need any safety vests. They are all dear to him.

Gabriel informs about the state of the police

On Thursday, Gabriel visited the Central Police Directorate of Lower Saxony, not only informed about the latest weapon techniques, but also about the state of the police, which is currently subject to special requirements. He has redirected his "summer trip", which he concludes with many journalists from the Federal Press Conference in Hanover, for a visit to the police department and has left a university term canceled. Right now, according to Gabriel's message, it is important that the politicians showed themselves to the police in reflective vest. As a former prime minister and a former interior politician of the SPD, he has already seen many a police district from within, he does not even know whether he has ever visited the Police Directorate of Lower Saxony, where almost 2100 civil servants work in the north of Hanover.

An hour Gabriel talks with the police - the Berlin journalists, who have appeared with a touring coach, have to go outside the door. Inside it is about the new challenges like the terror or also amok runners. Or even insults, which police also learn from politicians after nerve-racking missions. For instance, if the police get caught between autonomous and armed extremes and have to listen afterwards to have appeared too martial. Gabriel shows understanding of such complaints.

Quickly a word about the current Turkey policy and one against a possible deployment inside, and already Gabriel's employment for the police with safety clothing in Hanover is finished. When Lower Saxony's Minister of the Interior, Boris Histories, reads a carefully elaborated ten-point plan "for a strong and sensible domestic policy," as if he were the new Federal Interior Minister, the federal press conference has already gone.

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Mark Frankenthaler in reflective vest works as a tractor driver on the rolling field of Düsseldorf Airport. The former locksmith of the Lekberg colliery pushes the aircraft from the gate towards the runway.

The sticker "Hagar the Terrible" on the dashboard has something to do with the weight of the vehicle: 400 hp with 7.2 liters displacement and 14 tons weight are necessary to move a jet. At the wheel is a Dinslaken.

Mark Frankenthaler, former locksmith of the former Zech Lekberg, works as a tractor driver for the Lufthansa subsidiary LEOS at the airport Düsseldorf. He works with wear a safety clothing and pushes the aircraft on the runway to the start or park area. "Hagar the Terrible" is a medium-sized towing vehicle - what is the name of the biggest one with a weight of 60 tones?

On the rolling field it is loud

The engines of the Airbus 330 are already rotating at idle - 2.50 meters in size. Motors running, something beeps: It's loud. From the windows high above the rolling field, silent faces look. They are waiting for the departure. Some had a stressful morning. Their air-Berlin flight to New York was canceled; they had to switch to the Lufthansa machine.

Mark Frankenthaler can only guess the faces. "To see her, you'd have to walk away a bit." The 46-year-old in safety vest marches in the opposite direction: under the plane. No airman starts without the tractor driver approving the last inspection.

Radio connected to the pilot

The Dinslaken puts the headphones on. He is in contact with the pilot, who is sitting 15 meters above him in the cockpit. Frankenthaler runs around the aircraft: 60 meters long, 60 meters wing span - much to control.

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If you are caught without reflective vest, you will have to pay 15 Euro of warning money from tomorrow (1 July). In addition, there may be problems with the insurance in the case of accidents.

Whether it is red, yellow or orange: starting tomorrow (Tuesday, July 1), the warning vest becomes mandatory in every car - even in rental cars and company cars. However, this news has not yet spread: 42 percent of the Germans do not know about the new regulation, just as the voucher portal in a survey. It is true that three quarters of the female (75 per cent) and two thirds of the male vehicle owners (69 per cent) already have a safety vest which has been mandatory in other EU countries for years. This means, however, that more than every fourth vehicle driver (28 percent) must retrofit as soon as possible.

The inadequate preparation of German drivers could also be attributed to the fact that 41 per cent consider the need to be unnecessary. This can avenge itself: starting from 1 July threat of 15 Euros, which in the case of the absence of a vest must be paid. If you do not wear safety vests at the place of the accident, it may be that the insurance does not pay.

The safety clothing of DIN standard EN 471 is very cost-effective: it costs from 2 €.

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All first-year students and all pupils of the basic class at the Althorn primary school have been equipped with safety guards by the ADAC foundation - a total of 106 girls and boys. "Just in time for the dark season in which the youngest transport users need special protection," says Ulrich Mainers. A safety vest made a decisive contribution to greater road safety; because children with bright and bright clothes would be seen by drivers earlier and better.

31 men and women met in Althorn at the anniversary celebrations. They came from near and far. Their confirmations are between 25 and 75 years. In the church of Christ they celebrated a service with Pastor Dietrich Jaundice. After a joint photo, the group took a bus to the Landaus Otter to Sage-Haste. There were nice conversations and a joint lunch.

Ragger at the cycling tour of the CDU: 47 women and men drove with wheels and Kramer through the municipality. The afternoon began with a coffee and cake buffet at the Rowels family. Karl-Heinz, the regional parliamentarian, reported from the state parliament in Hanover. A little later, the circular course started through the districts of Dolan and Unloosen. Advisor Henning Rowels explained the situation regarding the planned new development area in Dolan as well as the recent developments on the premises of the sports center. The tour then led through the Heeler Wald along the residential development and further to the planned area for the new construction of the fire brigade Unloosen. After initial descriptions on the spot, the firefighters Rolf Mainers and Rainer in safety clothing presented the advanced plans in the old fire station. This was followed by a visit to the local associations in the Green Center, with presentations on rural adult education and the machinery ring Olden burger Land. Astrid, a member of the Bundestag, was impressed by the smooth cooperation between the various bodies. The trip sounded with a barbecue buffet and cold drinks at the Rowels family.

From the Kolding district association Vise, 42 ​​members of the family hiking day in Althorn met. The Althorn had invited. After the joint coffee table the participants made their way. Guest guide Sylvia Vernon told a lot of interesting and interesting things about the fish ponds. She reported on the work of the fish farmers over the year, beginning with the breeding of the fish spawn in special ponds, the rearing in other ponds as well as the rearing at the end. As she wear a reflective vest crossed the idyllic terrain, she explained which of the various ponds fulfills what purpose. The fact that the fish ponds have to cope with environmental problems (water scarlet) did not save them. The hiking day ended in the Pforzheim with a snack.

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The manufacturer of marking and tracing devices extends its range in the laser range around the Green Laser TG400. With its wavelength of 532nm, it marks reflective materials. Due to the 30μm fine laser beam, small characters and data matrix codes can be applied. Thus, surfaces can be labeled with a reduced heat-affected zone without damaging the material or destroying the material structure and reflective surface.

Due to the 30μm resolving laser, particularly fine structures such as QR codes can be applied to components zoom.

The software supports the implementation of identification and traceability in all production processes. This allows users to use databases and import codes (bar codes, data matrix, and QR code), images and logos. The device is suitable for medical, electronic, electrical and plastic applications and allows the marking of sensitive materials such as silicone, reflective element metals (copper, silver, gold, etc.), pressed circuits or ceramics.

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From now on, bike commuters, joggers, motorcyclists or schoolchildren can choose which places to look for reflective material on the clothes or on the bike - thus ensuring a better visibility and more road safety. The spray is simply applied to the clothing as well as other materials and unfolds its reflective effect when illuminated.

And who invented it? Holmen - a recognized specialist for surface coatings from the winter sports sector - has found a market niche with the new light spray as well as "developing a unique product that can be applied quickly and easily to various surfaces."

Holmen sales manager Dr. Conrad: "This is a quantum leap for the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and joggers in road traffic. The Reflective Marking Spray offers a much more flexible application than normal reflectors. The desired reflecting points are freely selectable. Even large areas can now be sprayed with the spray. «

If you do not want to apply it to sports, functional clothing or hats, the spray can also spray on your bike, on shoes, helmets, gloves or backpacks. The reflective property is visible when lighting and ensures more road safety. Moreover, the spray can be easily removed with conventional cleaning and detergents.

According to Holmen, "the number of active cyclists and joggers is enormous, especially in the city center. Whether on the school, college or work route, reflective clothing can be life-saving. Soundtrack Dr. Goetz: "Especially in the case of poor visibility, cyclists and scooters, joggers and pedestrians should be noticed, so that they are seen early on in traffic."

Holmen also thinks of schoolchildren who have to walk to the school or to the bus stop in the morning dawn. This safety spray is also suitable for them: Reflectors on backpacks are usually only available sporadically. With the Reflective Marking Spray, all areas where reflectors are missing but useful would be sprayed.

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On Tuesday at the sports hall of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center, the municipal elimination took place for the competition "Safe road to school".

The purpose of the competition is to raise the culture of the society and to improve the state of road safety, including the safety of children and school youth. The competition was attended by 40 competitors from three primary schools and one junior high school.

The committee was chaired by Mares, the head of the Crisis Management, Civil Defense and Defense Department at the Stavros of the District. The competition was divided into two parts: theoretical and practical (obstacle course). At the end of the written stage, the committee qualified the participants in reflective vest for the practical part. After summarizing the two stages, the committee selected 5 competitors from each category.

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