Do you dream of traveling for one smile? There are many practical tips of road safety for trip in our guide. Not all drivers look at hitchhikers favorably. There are no shortages of stories about travelers who do not care for hygiene or are under the influence of alcohol. Car owners prefer to avoid driving with such passengers. But fixing and generalizing such a hitchhiker's image would be unfair and offensive.

In every environment we can find "black sheep", whereas hitchhikers are mostly nice people, open and cultured. They lead an interesting life and are excellent companions on the road. How to join their circle? Marlene Cheroot is a traveler, with many years of experience.

Abroad hitchhiker is not selected without the required documents, knowledge of the language, basic rules and habits prevailing at the selected place. Finds routes as short as possible, but keeps track of the frequented roads. "When planning a hitchhiking trip, we have to look at the map a bit differently than we did in the traditional way of traveling. It is much easier to catch a foot where the traffic is higher than on the side roads. And that does not always mean the shortest and fastest choice, "says Marlene Cheroot.

On blogs, travelers will find tips on what to take with you on your journey. "It is worthwhile to approach individually and well reflect on what we will really need," the traveler says. However, among the most commonly repeated items are certainly medical supplies, cosmetics, sleeping bag, mats, flashlight, comfortable clothes, reflective vest, raincoat and marker. It's not worth packing too much. We must remember that we will carry your entire luggage in your backpack.

How to keep a friendly driver?

It is clear from the hitchhiker's accounts that it is the hardest to break and beat the first route. Later, each and every one of the departures and every stopped vehicle make more and more pleasure.

Experienced travelers believe that in anticipation of the occasion on the road key cardboard plays a card with a clearly listed name of the place to which we choose. We can always ask for a piece of cardboard in the stores, while the lucky flam aster is better to keep in handy luggage. Opportunities can be sought when traveling from petrol stations or parking lots. However, we should avoid highways, where stopping vehicles is not allowed and poses a threat.

Drivers are more likely to stop at the sight of a well-dressed and neatly dressed person. - Much depends also on our attitude, the smile and the visual contact with the driver. The first impression counts. If you are seen positively, there will soon be someone who will drop you even further than he was supposed to, "comments Cheroot. Abroad, notes are available in different languages ​​with a detailed description of the purpose of our trip. It is a good practice to give small gifts to drivers, such as miniatures of the Polish flag.

Safety is paramount

When traveling hitchhiking, special attention must be paid to safety. Just in case, buy pepper spray. It is good practice to remember or save the registration numbers of the cars we are getting into. Do not fall asleep while traveling. We should control the route with the map so that we can definitely get to the place we care about. In the evenings, for your own safety, you should wear a reflective safety vest.

- Before leaving, let's remember about insurance, so we will not be exposed to high costs if there is an accident. Let's take a look at the proper storage of documents and money. It is sensible to split the savings and keep in different places, preferably if there are some internal pockets. However, even the best safety tips will not replace common sense and our vigilance - adds the traveler.

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In the winter there is not bad weather, but bad clothes. And it is up to each of us to choose functional clothing for sports or work, and we will feel comfortable in times of great convenience, or we prefer clothing from ordinary reflective materials, in which we quickly become drowsy and easier to cool.

"The human body is constantly sweating, even in moments without physical exercise, sleeping or in a cold environment. By this so-called involuntary perspiration we evaporate during the day 0.2 - 0.5 liters of water, which enters our laundry as steam. If a person wears functional reflective clothing, then the moisture penetrates from the laundry to the upper layer of clothing, or passes to the outside where it evaporates, "explains Panty of Moira.

Ideal sportswear can keep people warm and in extreme frost, irresistibly irrespective of the intensity and length of the rain, and can drain moisture out of the sweat, so you can keep you dry even in more demanding activities. Functional clothing effectively communicates with the skin - it can drain moisture while keeping heat. In bad weather it will be appreciated by athletes, but also ordinary people for walks or any outdoor activities (snow clearance, etc.)

Another advantage of this outfit is that it is directly attached to the body, allowing for a better movement. Moreover, special seams do not rub against the skin and provide smell control and microbial proliferation. Some products with reflective element have two uses: they warm up in the winter, and when turned inwards, they perfectly drain sweat from the body. So they can be used in all weathers.

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Bike shirt Shield jersey with reflective element won home the best performance in the "performance" category at Europe's largest sports fair, ISPO, this weekend. Shield jersey is a high-innovative garment that gives a dry experience on the bike in rainy conditions.

Shield jersey is made of windproof and waterproof material and reflective fabric for wet days, which at the same time have the ability to transport moisture away from the body and tolerate tough bikes on the bike.

Developed by professionals in the ORICA-Green EDGE bicycle number, Shield jersey guarantees a good fit through ergonomic design including 3/4 long sleeves that are designed and sewn after your race position on the bike.

The award-winning bicycle shirt will be seen as a hybrid between sweater and jacket with a zipper in front of reflective prints for 360 degree visibility on the roads.

Shield jersey is available at Swedish dealers in autumn 2015.

Craft is a Swedish brand that develops designs and manufactures clothing for fitness sports where function and comfort are crucial for a good result. Through close collaboration with elite riders all over the world, Craft offers training and competition clothes in the highest class.

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Wiggle has started his second rebates and one of the items with more discounts (50%) is this reflective jacket from Endure, which now only costs 23.99 Euros.

Take the Piura Pak jacket from Endure everywhere to protect you from the usual unexpected downpour and wind during the descents. It has the great advantage that it is stored in its own case so that you carry it in your pocket. With the slightest doubt that time can turn against you. It is designed for cyclists, but allows other polyvalent uses such as waterproof for excursions, etc.

Made with the ultra-light and wind-resistant Endure anti-wear fabric, it's a jacket to always carry with you to get better protection when it's cold or windy. Although the fabric itself blocks the wind, the mesh inserts of the armhole favor the circulation of the air to avoid that sticky feeling of when you have been wearing a raincoat for a long time. The elastic cuffs, neck and waistband prevent the jacket from rising and prevent wind and water from entering.

Features of the Endure Waterproof Jacket

Waterproof flap adhered laser cut.

Reflective ribbons on sleeves, shoulders and back.

Mesh inserts in the armhole for breathability.

Elastic cuffs, nape and waistband.

Extremely compact size; carrying case included.

It is available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL. If the yellow color does not convince you, it is also black and red for just a few cents more (and with good availability of sizes). The shipment would arrive at your house on Tuesday 31 of January adding 3.90 € to the total. You have the possibility of not paying shipping costs if you buy other products for at least € 21.56 extra. If it is your first purchase in Wiggle you can take advantage of the Customer10 coupon and save 10 Euros as long as the order total reaches 50. So adding some items like other simple safety vest you can get good benefits, especially if it is your first time shopping at Wiggle.

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Hiking, with wearing high visibility clothing, one of the star activities in the program of promotion of the sport of La Region, Orense + D, could not miss in its calendar.

The second edition of 'Orense + Evening Night Walk by couple' returned to the University Campus of the city in the epicenter of the sporting activity of the province.

Faithful to the call of this already consolidated activity and with the collaboration of Extra and the Campus were more than 100 present pairs who enjoyed two routes with different extension, all of them are dressed in reflective vest.

The first of them, six kilometers is taking advantage of the last hours of the day and the areas of Mendes and Castro de Santee while the second, of 21, also crossed the banks of the Mino through the hot spots of A Chaves and Ontario.

Draws and prizes

As it has been usual in the activities organized by La Region, participants in safety vest who presented the coupon published in the previous days were given a bicycle drum ideal to carry during the sport. In addition, there was also time for the already traditional raffles. This time there were five stays for two people in a spa that will enjoy the graceful.

The next appointment of Orense + D will be back in the city, on the 31st with fitness as the protagonist.

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The agents of Traffic are intensifying the distribution of high visibility vests, within the campaign for all Galicia at this time of year, but with greater concern after the rebellion of abuses in the province. The last one cost the life on Saturday to a woman of 76 years in A Valens.

The action is part of a campaign of awareness rising and awareness that also includes talks aimed at the elderly in the different conceals. The most common profile of fatalities due to abuse in Galicia is usually those over 65, dressed in dark clothing that walks near their house alongside roadsides, without a reflective vest and crosses outside the pedestrian crossings. However, Traffic recalls that, so far this year, three of the four road accidents in which pedestrians were killed by a vehicle, took place in urban centers. Everyone was older. On January 17, a 74-year-old man lost his life in Vermin. On June 1, a 75-year-old man died struck in San. The event of A Valens is the third. The only person who died on a stretch of interurban road, an 82-year-old man, died on 3 November in the town of Caballed. Like the previous ones, very close to his address.

To date, the total number of fatalities due to road accidents in the province of Orense amounts to 12, which means that 33% of them were pedestrians and another 20 others, were injured. For this reason, the Provincial Traffic Headquarters together with the Traffic Subsector of the Civil Guard of Orense are carrying out a campaign to raise awareness of pedestrians about the importance of pedestrians becoming visible to drivers. 500 vests will be delivered by the end of this year and talks will be held in town halls, especially in those where there are more abuses.

Every year Galicia is 5 points above the national average in terms of deaths due to abuse and, therefore, the Civil Guard wants to emphasize "the need to insist on the use of high visibility vests, also Day and not only at dusk, when it is already mandatory, in order to avoid any fault or oversight that may have the driver approaching.

In the educative talks, both the agents of the Civil Guard and the officials of the DGT will remind seniors of the importance of always wearing a safety vest, walking on the left and in case there is always a circular path for it. This group is the most vulnerable to abuse by having less mobility to react and less vision to calculate the distance of the vehicle. A priori, it is an information campaign in which only 80 Euros will be fined to those who are repeat offenders or persist in putting themselves at risk.

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At the sports weekend, many parents take smaller or larger children with them. If they see how their descendant is rushing on a mountain bike with wooded hillside, they should remember that they were definitely doing something like that. Where else would the wild blood be taken...?

There are, therefore, a few principles that parents should explore before embarking on adventures with their children.

How to do it-Use safety aids!

Adults should ensure that the child uses all safety equipment: on roller skates and skateboards, elbow, knee and wrist protectors as well as a helmet. The helmet and the waistcoat on the water is required, Cycling helmet, gloves, reflective tapes and reflectors.

Besides buying adult aids, children should check and use them as an example.

The helmet is necessary!

The suspicions that a child with a helmet loses a self-preservation bike do not rely on the truth. They say he does not even protect himself in a car crash. And even you can strangle the tape under your chin. In addition, it is hot and the baby gets sunburn. None of that is true.

The helmet and reflective vest is like a car seat belt. She has already saved life for many cyclists, but it may happen that in some unlikely moments the situation will worsen.

Learn to swim!

It is said that children who are just learning to swim are drowning and are therefore deeper. This is not true, and medical statistics speak the opposite. Basics of swimming will help everyone get warm up at least for a while. In addition, the baby will not cry when his head unexpectedly gets under water, for example, in swimming pool games or jumping into the water.

Do not delay the floating vest!

In water sports, the child must have a float vest. Get on a raft, canoe, or sail. Falling into the water or even overturning the boat is a shock for an adult, let alone a child. The float vest will help with rescue, especially in the first moments when the "float" is brought to the surface.

It is said that under the jeep vest will make it impossible to save. In this one special case, it is true, but without a safety vest, only very experienced water boys attempt to self-preserve in the hopeless situation on a strong cylinder, from which they cannot get other than his underlining at the bottom. But it rarely succeeds.

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Today we are healthy, tomorrow it may not be necessary: ​​it is the motto of the public bicycle tour that came to Hulling on Thursday. People wear reflective vest has been involved in the 7th year of support for ontologically ill children.

"There was a group of cyclists led by Josef Samovar, who showed a ride on a popular big bike. The program also included the performance of the Trick from Hulling dance group and there was a cycling Anomalous freestyle show, "said Hulling Mayor Roman.

The children from the elementary school exhibited their work, the city donated a check of ten thousand crowns, and reflective tapes were distributed in support of security.

"It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the importance of health and safety in sport and on the roads. Visitors to the event could contribute to the good cause by financial or participation, "the Mayor added.

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The current part of Fast Foot is cut out of a special horror series - it will run at night. But do not worry; there will be with reflective material. Already in the previous work was the bet for the one who will be the most shining, so the face of the running series nothing underestimated and will be seen. Look and see.

Filming took place on the left bank of the Poltava River in Prague, near one of Siphon’s rowing clubs. There was no need for dark and spooky nooks, or for sunken corridors beneath viaducts, overpasses and crossings that surely hide some terrible secrets and make a terrible chapter of many of the lost lives.

However, to keep the level of your fears away from dizzying heights, there are many bright or flashing widgets in the world. When running in the dark it is important not only to see but also to be seen. The runner must wear reflective vest and see where he is driving to react in time, not to touch anything, or leave his own eye barking on the branch of a nearby tree.

See and be seen

At the same time, it is very good and practical when other operators are aware of it. You have also already driven the car in a situation when you suddenly appeared in the field of vision on a dark road by an invisible runner, pedestrian or simply a drunk. Depending on the speed of your vehicle, you are experiencing several unpleasant fractions of a second that often make decisions about being or not having a sudden manifestation of a subject. I wish it was a few hundred yards ahead, you say.

It's easy and cheap to arrange. Technique is today at such a level that you’re flashing lights can be seen at a distance even over a mile. The more reflex is carried by your equipment, the better. One thin reflective tape somewhere in the jacket of the jacket does not always have to save everything. So before you run out, get your hands on. And look at the next part of Fast Foot. Someone in it will be battling for a bare life in the dark folds of the veil of a gloomy night!

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