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Everyone knows Latisha cycling team for its World Tour that evolves in its ranks with Alexander Krista and since this season, Tony Martin, the quadruple world champion against the clock. But Latisha is now a brand of high quality garments: Latisha sports. It is still very little known in our territory, wrongly as it is large bill and worthy of the prestigious other high-end manufacturers. We tested all Soft-shell reflective jacket and shorts cold.

Upon opening the bag, the feel of the jacket is close Soft-shell jackets that we all know. Latisha uses a fabric called Schaller WB-400 slightly elastic, water-repellent and windproof. The fleece interior is nice and cozy. The jacket is all very sober black with only a K on the chest next to zipper. These are reflective fabrics for increased visibility in the dark. In the back, three pockets of standard sizes, no pockets, elastic but let not lose your keys, phone or other. In the middle, we find the name of the brand in reflective letters.

The jacket down well at seat and is held in place by elastic silicone Latisha designer. On the wrist, the lining fabric offers a small opening. The passage of the hand is made by forcing a bit, with the gloves that will be impossible. But thus it prevents the sleeves back or cold air goes by the arms. The top of the zipper is housed behind a flap to prevent unwanted opening maneuvers. Therefore open the rolling jacket with big gloves requires a good command of "no hands". Finally a reflective strip through the jacket of a wrist to the other through the shoulder blades and offers a sober aesthetic touch.

However, there are three different levels of density. The finest is all over the back of the shorts. Thighs and upper tibia, there is an intermediate density. However at the knees, we're on the same thick fabric as the jacket. Latisha has optimized its seams and fabric jig to allow the shorts to "stand" semi-flexed position alone. More when we know that we will never the knee during a pedaling cycle. The seams have been designed so as not to interfere when pedaling. It is absolutely not feel them.

Soon, the straps of the shorts are forgotten, the skin is very nice; the fact of not having seam generates no unpleasant pressure point. Rather, the different foam densities are placed optimally. The side zippers are quickly forgotten and shorts no way back. Indeed, silicone elastic to "stick" on the socks. Different fabrics used to keep warm on exposed to wind and others not to be overheating. The legs and have a good thermal regulation. After a few kilometers on waterlogged roads, water repellent effect associated with a thicker Soft-shell reflective fabric proved ideal on the shins that are usually quickly one of the coldest parts of the body during these outings.

The jacket is not really rest with pleasant warmth and comfort. It’s slightly elastic fabric provides a close fit without feeling confined or trapped in your movements. We have absolutely never felt cold, heat dissipation and sweat is done quite well despite the under layers. The pockets are easily accessible even with a pair of winter gloves. The jacket as well carves shorts with optimum tailored fit. The only downside is the clasp of the zipper. It is small and therefore not always easy to maneuver with heavy gloves.

Finally, a little over 500 € all, you will be equipped for winter and early spring when the sun is slow to warm up the atmosphere. From high-end also very chic, so the jacket can be worn outside of your cycling trips.

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In today's article we tell you what you MUST not miss in the trunk of your car when driving on public roads so you will not be fined by road traffic police.

The Road Code states in Article 8 that, in order to be driven on public roads, any motor vehicle must be equipped with a first aid kit, two reflective triangles and a fire extinguisher.

If you breach this rule, you may be fined with a fine of Class II (4 or 5 points).

Update 2016: A penalty point represents 10% of the gross minimum wage on the economy, according to the Road Code. Given that at this moment the minimum wage is 1,050 lei, a fine is equal to 105 lei.

In conclusion, if you do not have a car equipped with a medical kit, reflective triangles and extinguisher can be fined in 2016 with 420 or 525 lei.

First aid kit

The medical kits you are required to have in the car are regulated by the Order of the Minister of Health no. 987/2007.

According to the normative act, the packaging of the sanitary kits must fulfill the following conditions:

To provide a suitable seal for protecting the content against dust, moisture, fuel and oils through a firm closure system; Be appropriately dimensioned for the purpose of storing and ensuring the integrity of the components of the sanitary car kit contents.

Also, the label of the kit must contain the name of the product, the name and address of the manufacturer or, depending on the situation, the name and address of the person responsible for placing the product on the market.

The minimum content of the sanitary car kit:

1. Instrumental:

A scissors with both ribbed tips, with a blade cutter for a thick fabric of at least 2

An interstitial mouthpiece device with a one-way valve or filter

2. Sanitary materials

A leucoplast roll;

At least four pieces of rapid dressing (patch);

At least five packs of 25 pieces of sterile gauze compresses;

Gauze fosse - minimum two pieces for each of the dimensions: 5cm x 4m and 10cm x 4m;

Two pieces of non-deformable bandage (as dimensions, must have two sides of at least 80 cm);

At least two pieces of sterile adsorbing dressing of different sizes;

An elastic face;

Two pairs of disposable gloves (can be made of latex or polyethylene).

3. Other materials

At least 6 safety pins;

At least one isothermal survival foils having the dimensions of 2.10 m x 1.60 m;

A first-aid instruction booklet, authorized by MS;

The contents of the kit

Reflective triangles

As set out in the Road Code, you are obliged to have two such products in the car when you are on public roads.

According to the information on the General Police Inspectorate's website, the triangles of reflective material can be legally marketed if they have an international approval notice given by any of the administrative authorities in the signatory countries of the Geneva Act of 1958.

An internationally approved reflector triangle may be recognized by the approval mark represented by the letter E and the country code that granted the approval in a circle, as well as an identification mark.

Fire extinguishers

Extinguishers are regulated by Law no. 307/2006 on fire protection. According to art.50 of this normative act, placing on the market of this type of product is made on the basis of the conformity assessment against the regulations of the General Inspectorate of the Firefighters Corps, based on the Methodology of conformity certification approved by Order of the Minister of Administration and Interior.

The fire extinguisher and safety vest you are required to have in the car must be under warranty and have the term of validity written.

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The man, walking along the freeway, realized that he had broken a rope that supported the iron load of his car. He then approached, put the four arrows, wearing the reflective jacket. An accident at work, as it happened when the unfortunate was doing his job.

Further information on the deadly incident occurred on Sept. 22 in Siena-Florence at the height of Cole (mid-morning). The disadvantaged was Leonardo, born and resident, 45 years old. The man, walking along the freeway, realized that he had broken a rope that supported the iron load of his car. He then approached, put the four arrows, wearing the reflective vest.

However, the scars were not enough and Leonardo was pierced by a six-meter-long (allegedly 10-pound) whiplash carrying. We do not know how the rope supporting the load broke, or however the long line slipped.

On the spot is where the Carabineer, the Road Police wear safety vest, the Labor Police (as a work injury). Tomorrow, September 23, the Magistrate will decide whether to do the autopsy.

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In recent days, two individuals pretended to Hera technicians dressed in suits and jackets with yellow reflective material, they played at the door of a building via 24 Maggie, asking to enter to carry out some of the control technology heating. A woman, however, did not confide and threatened to call the police, resulting in the immediate escape of two technicians fake with reflective vest. But not only were they also made attempts to telephone scam with the car crash gimmick. Elderly achieved with calls from fake members of the police informing them of an accident in one of their children or a relative, uninsured: with this excuse the elder is asked to pay a large sum, up to 500 Euros, to prevent the person involved in the incident have trouble with the law. Attempts are always intensified at the beginning of the month, when the elderly have greater availability of money, after the withdrawal of the pension.

To combat scams, the Carabineer organizes information events to the population: the last to the weekly market, frontlines Officer Silvia Guerin in reflective clothing, Captain of the Society, just at the end of November. They are also printed leaflets were also part of the Provincial Command of Rimini with all the advice to defend them better by fraudsters and raiders from the apartment.

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It is the new frontier of volunteering for volunteer in safety vest. Life difficult for toads teeming with connecting roads and underpasses is exposing them to dangerous risks every day. Numerous interventions have been devised to protect these creatures in fairy tales turn into charming Prince Charming. It is the new frontier of the voluntary phenomenon which is being pursued to save amphibians from certain death when run through the asphalt of urban connections and not.


Many organized groups follow different and bizarre species of toads, especially in seasons of love, they travel hundreds of meters to move around in groups with comfortable burrows of marshy places to attractive places where they breed. Armed with reflective jacket to be seen by passing cars and latex gloves for not transmit diseases to animals, the respite meticulously follow the movements of the masses of animals ending to jump directly on the roads to take them to safety. These are groups organized throughout Italy and which, according to the latest official figures spread, have allowed it to survive more than forty thousand creatures.


The strategies are very special and are often forced to go out on rainy evenings through woods and light of dense vegetation, as if it were a "magical night". The noble task is to catch toads liberally as to hunt bears for salmon. It seems a language wrapped in magic or in medieval history, represents a reality constituted wildfire in major Italian cities and that is growing exponentially through social media. So many volunteer join this active activity with wear reflective vest.

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In some ways the interpretation that the police in reflective clothing could not ask those who do not wear the garment came out of the car.

From 1 January 2016, all cars in Chile must have a reflective vest in an accessible location, which should be used when out of the car to any emergency. If not, police could fine the driver.

Friday, however, the newspaper El Mercuric published an interpretation that said you could effectively pursue infringement for not carrying the pledge security, but not use it to get off the car.

In conversation with DNA, police clarified the issue. “The use is both the size and use of the safety vest. You can use whether the vest is not in the car in an accessible or if the person gets off the vehicle without using place," said Major Juan Rodriguez.

Rodriguez added that there will be a trial run, but do not know how long. The part will be about 21 thousand pesos.

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This principle takes on a special dimension in the context of the protection of the lives and health of pedestrians and cyclists. On the road they are the least protected, and in the case of road accidents with their participation are the most likely tragic consequences.

In 2015 on the Polish roads killed and wounded were 8 398 pedestrians. This figure is lower by 404 than in 2013, but in European statistics we are in three of the countries with the highest pedestrian prevalence rate for all accident victims. Romania and Latvia have the highest rates in Europe - 40% and Poland - 35%. The EU average is 22%, which means that every fourth casualty is walking.

Due to this situation, different actions are taken to improve pedestrian safety with reflective material. One of them is the introduction of the use of reflectors as pedestrian equipment moving from dusk to dawn outside the built-up area. This provision entered into force on 31 August 2014. Dismissed from glare we are only in a situation when we move outside the area built on the road only for pedestrians or on the sidewalk.

Reflection is an example of how small equipment can improve our safety. Without it, the driver will not be able to see the pedestrian only about 30 meters away. This distance will be even smaller if it is raining or snowing. Remember that a distance of 30 meters gives you little chance of a proper driver response.

Assuming the average response time of the driver is 1 second, the driver traveling outside the built-up area at 90 km / h over 25 meters before taking action. In the event of a collision of a man with a car traveling at a speed of over 70 km / h, man has no chance of survival.

Reflective element will cause the driver to notice the pedestrian from a distance of about 130 meters. This will allow time to take appropriate action. When using reflectors, be sure to attach them to places that are clearly visible to the driver. The best part of the body from the side of the road was at the height of the chest. I encourage you to use a few glare. According to research, the best sign is the one that shows the movement of man. For example, we can mark hands and feet at knee height, because this way we will be even more recognizable to drivers - explains instructor Skoda Auto School.

The lack of reflective is punishable up to 100, and its purchase should be treated as an investment in its security. Let's not confine ourselves to the situations described by the regulations, because the reflection can save lives also in the city, on a poorly lit road. Also remember to have a reflective vest in your car and if we leave the car, let's put it on. True, it is not required by law, but no one free us from thinking and taking care of our safety. Let's see, we use glare.

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When you climb on a two wheel the most important factor to look for is without a doubt the safety vest, including visibility by other road users. So far, on the market, we've seen articles on which only a few reflective inserts are placed ... but if there was a completely refreshing headlight when lit by the headlights of another vehicle? It is what the German Held house proposes with Flash: it is a sports reflective jacket, with internal membrane in Gore-Tex, and which presents on its entire surface that characteristic reflective material when irradiated by a light source external. What is also surprising is that the technology used is absolutely indistinguishable from the one used for any "traditional" item, which makes it absolutely normal to both sight and touch.

Technical board entering a bit more in detail, Flash, made externally in 500D, features a waterproof, breathable and breathable Gore-Tex Z-Liner inner membrane to keep the body dry and warm. Along with it is available a removable thermal liner in Cool-Max breathable mesh with 3D Air-mesh insert on the back with great thermoregulation capability. All this makes it suitable for any season, thanks in particular to the presence of a series of hinges that ensure the internal passage of the air in the warmer season. It features soft 4T SAS-TEC certified protectors on shoulders and elbows and is predisposed to the use of pares chine. Available in only black-reflective tape color 08 and in sizes from XS to 3XL, it will be presented to the public at the price of 659, 95 Euros.

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