22 first graders of the Vosges school Karlsruhe received on Wednesday not only fluorescent yellow safety vests, but also tips on how to behave in traffic by ADAC traffic expert Christophe.

Included in the package had a luminous safety vest for each student. While a dark clothed pedestrian was seen by a motorist in poor visibility conditions only around 25 meters, the visibility improves in bright clothes already on 40 meters, the traffic expert explained to the students. But if you wear reflective clothing, was quite noticeable even at a distance of around 150 meters.

To improve the traffic safety of children starting school in addition, parents should practice the school extensively with their offspring, ADAC recommends. Required but also the municipalities to create the conditions for a safe way to school and not least the drivers are. You should always keep a close eye on children at the roadside and drive particularly carefully near schools, the ADAC North Baden says.

Make students as early as possible familiar with road

In the dark school hallway was tried, how well you can see the reflective vest when it is detected by a light beam. "The security of the West to support us is in the traffic education work. We try to encourage students to do so soon as possible familiar with the road," said the deputy principal of the school Vosges Heike Bohr.

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Pretty much going in the morning on the streets - this can quickly becomes dangerous especially for younger children. The project "Safe to school" prepares reflective vest for preschool children playing in front of their future school.

Carefully preschool children daycare comes into the large exercise room. A shy "hello" is enough to start with. When they hear that Junker and Goldie, the mascot of Bourassa are also there, that's it goes loudly going on with the embarrassment and anniversary.

Even on the road, it's for children: grope Careful! If one knows his way to school and practice it well with mom and dad, you will confidently and can go all alone him soon. But that requires even before the first day proper preparation and practical exercises.

With the project "Safe to school" wants the NRW State Traffic already preparing preschool children in kindergarten on the road. These jointly developed with daycare and the police, the "school book for children." The goal was to design an educationally valuable medium which can be used in kindergarten everyday playful. The booklet provides various ideas and suggestions for exercises that can be applied to the real traffic. "With these preparation games, we have already achieved great learning success on the road; children can implement acquired knowledge usually faster than adults into action."

Playing children run through the park, walkers will pass with their dogs on the road driving cars and cyclists. An everyday situation - but when it gets dark and foggy, it can quickly become dangerous. What helps to be seen? The right equipment with reflective material is particularly important here. This and other examples are illustrated suitable for children in the school exercise book in colorful illustrations and explained.

Accompanying the school book for children there is also a guide for parents. Because the responsibility for road safety of children is by no means only in the day-care centers, schools or the police centers. Hermann-Josef Mabuchi, Deputy Chairman of the Road Safety, appealed to parents: "Practice together with your child to walk to school because the greatest danger around the primary schools often goes by, parent-taxis' from." Each holds more cars in front of the schools, the more confusing and uncertain this area for the students is. It produced exactly hazards where it should be safest.

In much daycare traffic safety has long been an issue, but an overarching project did not exist previously. "We practice already in preschool a lot with the kids. They learn how to behave on the road, at the same time they are courageous, to make decisions," says Barbara, Director of Kita. For this to be made possible in every kindergarten, get all 2,300 preschool children a booklet. Both specimens for children and parents, distributed free to all daycare centers in the city.

As successful as the "Walking Bus" elementary school project could also "safe school" is referred to as the first project for pre-school children. Both the Bourassa Foundation supports the project. "It helps that the proverbial next step in the lives of our children is designed safely as possible," says Stephan.

When the children finally meet Junker and Goldie in their nursery, only bright eyes and grinning faces are seen. This surprise is certainly not to beat, yet they also enjoy making the school book, which will accompany them in kindergarten and in everyday life in the future. The timely packing the satchel to the morning to avoid stress, reflective clothing or choosing the safest way to school are among the important tasks of parents.

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Bochum trained unaccompanied minors for use on the road. So far, there is, according NRW repeatedly to dangerous situations because refugees are often not familiar with the traffic rules. Here, even a refugee child without safety vest was killed.

His bicycle is the pride of Abd-el-Kader from Syria. Neighbors have given it to the young man, now (NOAH) lives in a Bochum accommodation for unaccompanied refugees. But when he sets off on his bike, which is currently still dangerous for him. And on the streets of the big city is a lot more going on than on the streets of his hometown from which he fled. Therefore Abd-el-Kader now takes part in the traffic safety training, which offers the Road Patrol Bochum. Abd-el-Kader is looking forward to the training.

Just as Abd-el-Kader are how many refugees in NRW. Therefore shall they learn in road safety training, what the signs and traffic signals? Guido Bausch of the Road Patrol Bochum and his team to the 15 refugee’s bike procure built up so the exercise is as realistic as possible: "The refugees often underestimate the dangers of the road we do with them sight and reaction tests and show them. How dangerous the blind spot is. "

To learn the traffic rules, there are various aids. They were from NRW developed, the Interior Ministry together with the State Traffic and many other partners. For example, a poster that explains the refugees at a glance the most important traffic rules. Another example is icons that explain the dangers of traffic regardless of the native language quickly and easily.

Guido Bausch of the Road Patrol: "We want to convey is that you should wear as pedestrians and cyclists as bright as possible and reflective clothing at night or that for us pedestrians and cyclists motorways and motor vehicle roads are absolutely forbidden.”

Other road patrols in NRW are usually together with cities and other associations of traffic safety training for refugees. As in Bochum, participants usually have to perform various tasks. They learn playfully what the road signs and traffic lights and lurk the dangers on the road. In the end they have to show for a bike ride through the city, whether they are fit for the road. If all goes well, there is a type of bicycle driver's license at the end.

Abd-el-Kader wants to necessarily create: "So far it's hard to pay attention to everything like cars, pedestrians and other cyclists, but the training gives all of us a lot of confidence when I make this training, I will feel safer with reflective vest on the streets..."

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In recent months, traffic fatalities occurred repeatedly in the Czech border region. German Germans were about predominantly involved. That is why the Czech police authorities now inform you about some new traffic regulations.

These rules already exist since 20 February. Inform about wearing reflective clothing, how to deal with vehicles with technical defects and the benefits of Seaway Personal Transporters. In addition, the necessary steps before driving, the traffic psychological examination and Leave a security to be addressed at an offense.

Reflective clothing

Outside the village of pedestrians in poor visibility conditions such as fog or twilight, now reflective clothing obligated to carry. Any violations of this provision, however, no specific penalty is prescribed, but the police can be a block caution money of up to 2,500 Czech crowns (about 93 Euros) impose.

Vehicles with technical defects

If a police officer determines at a traffic control that a vehicle has serious technical defects (for example following a road accident), it can escape to the driver of the registration certificate Part I. This can then have verifiably improved the deficiencies to the competent authority, namely those who issued the document to be picked up again.

Seaway Personal Transporter

If the driver is driving on the sidewalk, he can only drive at walking pace, he is on the bike, and the speed can be adapted to bicycles. In both cases, other road users should not be threatened. The rights of Seaway drivers can be restricted by the traffic sign. There are also so-called "bicycle zones." These areas can cyclists together with the other road users that are specified on the label, use, with mutual respect. The other vehicles specified may also park on the appropriately marked areas. Bicycles wear safety vest are allowed to drive a maximum of 30 km / h in these zones.

Necessary steps before driving

The law also prescribes to free the windshield and front side windows before driving in the Czech Republic by ice, snow and dirt. Ice sheets must also be removed from the top of the load.

Traffic psychological assessment

If a driver gets issued a negative certificate in case of a traffic psychological examination, he cannot present a certificate from another appraiser for three months. However, he may request a review of the certificate.

Leave a security

If a driver safety performance with a misdemeanor in the Czech Republic - that is the agreed amount - cannot deposit, the registration certificate may be confiscated Part I, to prevent that is not paid or if the driver cannot be matched. The security in suspected offense may 3500-50000 crowns amount (about 130-1850 Euro). Offenses for which a penalty of up to 5,000 kroner (equivalent to 185 Euros) is due are excluded from the survey of security. In addition, the security must not exceed the maximum height for the sanction of the relevant offense. The driver receives a certificate of deposited collateral and is informed under what conditions it can again recover it. If the collateral is not stored, the vehicle must be parked on the next space. There, the police officer in reflective vest is a technical immobilizer or cause towing, prohibits the driver to continue and provides the registration certificate I safely.

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A St. Paulo 27 was fatally mowed down last night in Saint-Gilles. The drama unfolded in front of his two friends, on the poorly lit road at the Garden Theater. They are not wear safety vest and the driver said can’t see them clearly.

It is around 22 hours on a car traveling in the uplink up against the young man with full force, while walking in the middle of the road. The night is dangerous because it's dark, and reflective clothing can keep you to be seen by drivers and avoid the risk.

Reliefs have done anything Adrian died on the shot. The investigation will determine whether the victim and the driver were under the influence of alcohol.

The death of the young man brings to 21 the number of casualties on our roads this year. When you need to go out at night, wear a reflective vest or reflective tape can enhance visibility and keep your safety on road.

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Saturday, March 5, will be the first Nzo-trail solidarity organized by the antenna of the Secours Popularize Leaf Community. Everyone needs to wear reflective clothing to keep visibility. The antenna of the Secours Popularize community Leaf has repeatedly come up with ideas to try to attach somehow with pleasure.

Thus its latest initiative is organizing a march and a trail at night for the benefit of families in precarious which will take place on 5 March. As stated Yves Elbert, his manager, "this is a first. Thirty volunteers wearing safety vest are mobilizing to good organization. A team of welcome just as reinforcements, thus participating in the improvement of their living conditions and better accommodate all participants. This event is a very nice human exchange. "

On the practical side, two loops will be available to walkers, Nordic walkers and runners. First, a circuit of 6 km around the pond and discover unusual quarters; to walk, with family, stroller ... and for the more energetic, a circuit of 10 km between city and countryside to Pella with, halfway through, a hot drink.

Upon arrival, a hot drink and a pancake will be offered to each participant.

Registration: 5 Euros on site at the village hall. Bring a flashlight and a reflective vest.

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The County Council of the Vendee transports every day more than 33700 students. Focus on transport conditions and arrangements made for the care of young people. They hand out safety vest for young people for safety.

Throughout the year, these are 586 school buses crisscrossing the Department to accompany students to their colleges.

More and more students supported

The priority of the Department is to ensure the care of young people and provide secure trips to 33700 students.

Among these young people:

1% is in nursery school (about 250 students)

15% are in elementary school (about 5000 young people)

56% are college (about 19 000 young people)

28% are general, technological or vocational school (about 9500 young people).

This year's communication campaign among parents and institutions to promote the online registration via a platform is a success. Plus 95% of registrations were made online.

Additional buses for better service

Given the number of users growing, the Department is increasing its fleet of buses. This September 2015, 586cars soit16 additional cars compared to last year (in 2014, the Department had increased its fleet of 22 vans).

School benefit from optimum safety conditions

All cars are equipped with immobilizer, debentures of Security and reflective disbanded.

The 9000 students from 6th college Vendee drills and undergoes training hour security and the right to behave in buses. More than 250 attendants are present in the cars for safety to ensure adapt good student behavior.

Children receive reflective vest for safe travel between the breakpoint and home

This year, the Department of the Vendee has endowed all kindergarten children, primary and 6th, school transport users, reflective yellow vests, to enable them to reach their stopping point or domicile in any security.

A new road safety experiment began in the Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

In the Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, all students using school transport, from kindergarten to the final year, received a yellow reflective vest or a purchase of 2,200 yellow vests by the school are required Department. Les wear it on commuting - stop and the stop areas.

Once the yellow vest given to young people, the 2nd step is to adopt the wearing of the vest by students. Therefore, chaperones present in coaches will conduct controls and will enforce the compulsory wearing of the yellow vest under penalty of warning to parents.

A follow-up operation will be carried out throughout the school year and a balance sheet at year end to assess the positive or negative returns.

The school transport fully accessible

Landscaped light vehicles transportent500 handicapped student’s home to their school (investment of € 3 million) 40 disabled college students use public transport on regular lines to promote independence and living together.

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I was afraid of my life. Suddenly, they appeared before my eyes. If I had not given the swerve... there could be two dead!" said Pierre. Friday morning, while these Assertions, professional gardener, return from his tour, he borrows the D937 at the entrance to his village. "It was 7 am, it was night."

"The children walk on the roadside without wearing any safety clothing or even both on the road itself! It's too dangerous for them, it cannot continue like this. "

A few meters away, it is flush against a wall, "after having to avoid two young people who were walking in the middle of the road..." A scene that haunts him still: "You have to have lived to understand. I could have killed them, I could kill me..."

Educate parents about the dangers of D937

The man who gets away “with a large hematoma and bruises everywhere,” wished publicizes his accident, to denounce "the dangerousness of the RD937," which runs through the village, including "between the road and Bayne roundabout Vilna the pastry." "Children's Village", which starting from the entry area of the village, "must be more than 500 meters in departmental board" to get to the bus stop, at the roundabout of the pastry, which brings them to college or high school. "We often see, every morning," laments Pierre, indicating "that several sections of the road have no pan floor or sidewalk. The children are really on the road! "Road which according to him is already" close ", since some places," it is even difficult to cross between cars. "

And the rugged driver, this is intolerable. In "anger" when he suffered his accident - but "relieved that there are no casualties," - he wants to "educate parents" of children using the road. The storm "Frankly, it is not understandable that parents let their children run such danger! No kid has reflective vest or other safety equipment. "And to fear that one day," a drama occurs. So far there has been relatively lucky, but one day when the other..."

Pierre said he repeatedly warned the mayor of the municipality of the dangerousness of the D937 there. He slips, adding" hope that the authorities, mayor or department, will act. "Above all, he wants to see" a reaction of the parents concerned. "

The mayor worried, CD64 respond to his request

Questioned on the subject, Pierre Rodriguez confirmed that there is "a real concern there, because there are more and more young people every day who use this road. "And to the elected official, the problem is precisely that. "This stretch of road is too dangerous. The markings faded, the path is narrow, and cars drive there quickly even without wearing safety vest. I'm afraid of what might happen one day! "Pierre Rodriguez says, and this for several years, have arrested several times the county council services on it, in order to" have an additional bus stop at the entrance of the village. “But to this day, he emphasized "not received any concrete response." Contacted, Olivier Blanchet, director of roads and infrastructure in the county council of Pyrenees (CD64) said it "should respond positively" to the request of Mayor. "The conditions justify a new bus stop" is necessary "to ensure the safety of users." The stop should be installed "within weeks".

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Must we always report your vehicle stopped by the security triangle and wear safety vest when go off the car? It's not an obligation.

Since 2008, all vehicles traveling on French territory are required to have at least a yellow reflective vest and a pre-warning triangle. To skip this equipment can be expensive: € 135 fine, according to Article R416-19 of the Highway Code.

When to use its triangle?

Must we always get his warning triangle when you're down? According to the Highway Code, when a vehicle stopped on the road is a traffic hazard (...) the driver must provide advance warning of the obstacle by making use of its fire distress and a pre-warning triangle.

The obligation to put in place the triangle does not apply when this action constitutes a clear endangering the life of the driver (Decree of 30 September 2008). Vehicles on the emergency lane and do not impinge on the floor are not subject to this requirement, either.

Reminder - pre-warning triangle should be placed on the floor at a distance of about 30 meters or beyond if necessary, for it to be visible by the drivers coming on the same traffic lane. In addition, highway, be sure to put you behind the guardrail.

The mandatory safety kit in Europe too

If you travel abroad, note that in some European countries the set mandatory safety kit of accessories is not the same. For example, in our Spanish neighbors, each car must have 1 Reflective vest and 2 pre-warning triangles. Conversely, Austria, drivers must have two reflective jackets and one triangle.

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Four times a day, Jean-Charles watches on the entry and exit of students to school. It is one of the nineteen "moms and dads traffic" of the city.

It is 11 am Wednesday 15 March 8th. Jean-Charles is at his post in front of the school Street 1st artillery. With his "Stop School" panel, boast a reflective vest with "school safety" statement that allows it to be automatically identified by drivers.

Jean-Charles is one of the nineteen moms and dads trafficking employed by the city of Bourges. The contract is officially called security agents. Their mission: to ensure the school gate. Jean-Charles, this is the school around the pedestrian crossing. "You have to be polite, courteous and very attentive, he says. And ensure that anyone that does not fit into the school. "

Previously, the traffic dad had worked as an animator supervisor in leisure centers. "I accepted the position because I live twenty minutes walk, he says. It's a treat to come and it makes me a little walk, four times a day. "

Four times a day, in fact, dad traffic must appear before the school: 8 h 30, 11 h 30 13 h 30 and 15 h 45. That's two hours per day, except Wednesday (hour) because students do not have classes in the afternoon. "I always arrive a half hour before. To have time to warn the local police if necessary. "Jean-Charles in reflective clothing is well aware that his job is part-time. So during the summer holidays, he must find another activity.

Working in all weathers

At 11 h 25, in Wednesday, most parents have already arrived to pick up their children. At 11 h 30, the phone rings. Seconds later, the students leave school. Jean-Charles is ready for traffic. "Come on, my little, tomorrow! Bon appetite, "he says to the student that passed through.” I call them my grandchildren, if he amuses. I see them arrive at primary school. They just say hello. It is part of a family. "

But to cross children is not his only job. It ensures particularly on parking cars. "People need to drop their children but do not park, so do not mind the traffic," he explains. Moreover, it takes a œ it on the inputs and outputs of school buses that take children to the canteen. "We must have eyes everywhere at any time, he says. The danger is permanent, it must be on guard. "

The other difficulty is the fact of working in all weather. Rain, wind, snow, cold ... Jean-Charles must always be faithful to the post.

But these drawbacks are not commensurate with the safe return of the students: "They feel reassured to see someone doing the cross," he notes.

At 11 h 45, the work of our dad traffic has ceased. But it has other activities still wear the safety vest. It is indeed a leader in local radio and leader in a rugby club, "I am the official cameraman of the team," he said. And the next day at 8 am 30, he is back at his post. "It's a nice job," he concludes.

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