It is advisable to take a scraper to remove ice, a flashlight, and a bottle of water or a first aid kit. In addition to being very useful in case of accident or any other unforeseen, carry certain accessories in our car is mandatory. So much so, that if we do not carry the approved triangles or the reflective vest can lead to a fine of 200 Euros.

The triangles will serve to signal to the other vehicles that ours is broken and, therefore, must be careful and slow down. They are placed at a distance of 50 meters, both in front of and behind the car. In the case of roadways with more than two lanes per direction or one way, only it will be necessary to put it in the back.

The reflective safety vest, meanwhile, is mandatory to get out of the vehicle in case of emergency stop. In addition, it is advisable to take more than one, in case the stop occurs when we travel with more people. Another reason why we can take home a fine of 200 Euros is not to carry in the vehicle any system that allows us to continue the march in the event of a puncture, such as a spare wheel or an anti-puncture kit.

There are other accessories that, although it is not mandatory to take them in the car, they can be very useful in case of emergency. This is the case of spare lamp kits, a scraper to remove ice on Monday in winter, gloves to withstand the cold in the case of having to change a wheel or put the chains, a blanket in case we get stuck in the snow, a rag, a bottle of water, an anti-fog spray and caloric foods. In winter, we should not forget to carry strings by hand.

In addition, if we travel, whatever the season in which we do it, it is advisable to bring a small safety kit, a fire extinguisher, boot clips, American tape and some tools to change a wheel in case of a puncture. Finally, never forget to bring a mobile phone charger, all the documentation, and a handy assistance number.

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The Court of Labor Letters of Iquique accepted in all its parts the claim for compensation of damages filed by a worker against the company Concessions Iquique SA, he was injured without any reflective clothing on road, for the moral damage suffered after being run over while performing "parking operator" duties in a street in the city.

In the ruling, Judge Marcela accepted the legal action presented by the plaintiff and ordered the company to pay 100 million pesos. The affected one recount in the legal action that a vehicle parked unexpectedly opened its door to the sector of the street and hit it. When falling, another vehicle in circulation overwhelmed him, since he did not notice his presence because he was not wearing a reflective vest, which the company never gave him.

Then he received first aid to remove it from under the vehicle that hit him and was transferred to a health center. However, the situation did not stop there. In his arguments, he maintains that a consequence of the injury suffered, and after months in which he could not be intimate with his spouse, "he realized that he also suffers, that is, the inability to feel orgasms, so that his sex life has seen completely destroyed, only by the negligence of his former employer, "explains the text.

For that reason, the ruling concluded, "in effect, it is an obligation of means, since it consists in adopting reasonable measures of prevention, without being able to demand an effective and absolute avoidance of occupational accidents. Since the expression effectively employs Article 184 of the Labor Code, refers to the conditions that the employer must maintain for the worker. It must be designed to achieve a real and accurate protection of the life and health of the worker in the performance of their work, that are useful and apt for such effects, all of which is not appreciated by the defendant, according to the evidence rendered and analyzed as a whole, in the light of sound criticism.” About the safety equipment, the company needs to equip it for every worker for their safe.

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Cyclists, along with pedestrians and motorists, are the most vulnerable individuals on the road. Notifying of the movements that the cyclist in reflective vest is going to carry out in advance or not using mobile devices while cycling, are some of the measures that cyclists must adopt.


1. Where are they circulating on the road? The shoulder is the place destined to the cyclists that circulate in interurban highways. They can only use the essential part of the road if it is not passable. On motorways, you can drive on the shoulder, only if it is not prohibited by the corresponding signal and with the minimum age of 14 years.

2. When are they having priority of step? According to the DGT, when cyclists circulate in a group they are considered a single mobile unit, therefore, they have priority with respect to vehicles. Cycling through the bike lane, the bike path, or the signpost shoulder also gives priority to the cyclist. Finally, the cyclist has priority in case a vehicle wants to turn right or left and there is a cyclist in its vicinity.

3. Speed ​​at which is they must circulate. The maximum speed that a cyclist can reach is 45 kilometers per hour, as long as the track is not limited to a lower speed. The cyclist is not obliged to drive at a speed higher than 50% of the marked limit. For example, if the road is limited to 60 kilometers per hour, the cyclist may drive less than 30.

4. The cyclist must respect all traffic signals, including the prohibition of using the mobile phone, headphones, or any other type of device. In case of being sanctioned, the fine is € 200. In addition, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also prohibited. Cyclists cannot refuse to perform a control. The fine if you test positive for any of these substances can reach € 500.

5. The use of the homologated helmet is mandatory; not carrying it can carry a fine of € 200. The use of front light and rear reflector is mandatory, being the fine for not using € 80. The use of the high visibility vest when traveling at night is essential; the sanction for not carrying it amounts to € 200.

6. Measures when traveling in groups by road. Cyclists are allowed to circulate as a group. They can do it in parallel in a maximum of two. They must go one at a time in sections without visibility or when the danger of the road requires it.

7. The cyclist must give advance notice of the movements he is going to make. If you want to turn to the right, you should extend the right arm with the palm of your hand downwards; if you want to turn to the left, you must bend your right arm upwards. You can also warn of a sudden braking by shaking the left arm with movements from top to bottom.

8. How they are advanced. The driver of a car that wants to overtake one or more cyclists must occupy part or all of the adjacent or opposite lane, maintaining a safety width of at least 1.5 meters. Cyclists need to wear the safety vest to keep visibility for safe. It is forbidden to overtake in case of danger or obstruction of the progress of cyclists.

9. Cyclists do not lose points since bicycles do not require a driving license, but if they do include the rules they receive the same monetary penalties as drivers of motor vehicles.

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The portends legislators approved with 43 votes in favor, 13 against and 1 abstention a regulation that foresees that the motorcycle drivers who circulate in the City must wear in the reflective clothing, compulsorily, a sticker with the number of the patent of the wheeled .

The Legislature approved with 43 wills in favor, 13 against and one abstention. A modification to the Code of Traffic and Transport and to the Regime of Faults referred to the circulation, by means of which they looked for that motorcycle drivers that circulate in the City must wear a compulsory self-adhesive sticker with the number of the vehicle's patent.

The regulation states that "in case of transporting a passenger, he must wear a reflective vest that has printed on the front and back the domain number of the motorcycle" and provides economic penalties of 5,000 pesos to those who fail to comply with the regulations and disqualification to drive from five to 10 days.

For his part, the author of the proposal Daniel assured that "this project does not violate any constitutional right" and explained that "the initiative has two objectives: the first of them is to contribute to security road, and the other is to promote public safety." "This proposal can help to lower the rates of crime, probably not the only measure that makes the situation better, but will contribute in that same direction," he said.

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If the regulations approved, drivers and accompanying persons must carry safety vest and identification in plain sight. The Berea presented / displayed in the Legislature the new project on modifications to the Regulatory Decree of the National Law of Traffic, with which it looks for to diminish the attack of motor.

PRO legislators presented the initiative after a first public presentation on March 9, in an event that attended by the Minister of Security, Patricia Bull rich and the head of Buenos Aires Government, between other officials. Changes in the Traffic Law seek to combat crime on motorcycles and identify drivers who circulate in the City.

With this, it seeks to regularize the situation of more than 7 million motorcycles, it will require identification with the patent number on the driver’s, and passenger's helmets, as well as a reflective yellow vest that will help identify the latter.

From the officials they trust that the project will be able to be approved "in three months,” according to the Clarion newspaper. However, they must twist the will of some detractors to reach the 31 votes needed in the Buenos Aires Legislature.

Those who oppose the measure are mainly the motorcyclists themselves, at least those who use their vehicle as a work tool. On March 15, hundreds of delivery and courier workers demonstrated in the center of Buenos Aires to express their disagreement. They point out that the identification of helmets and patents will not solve the insecurity, that they stigmatized and that in addition thieves will steal motorcycles, helmets, and vests from them and then make the outlets.

The modifications establish that both the driver and the passenger must wear a regulation helmet that shows the patent number. The second person who goes above the motor vehicle, in addition, must wear a reflective vest with the same recording. The requirement must meet at service stations for fuel loading.

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The bill approved today unanimously in the Legislature.

Now, to travel through the province of Neuquén, it will be mandatory to use the reflective vest within the security elements to be able to travel by car or any means of transport.

The project voted during the day today and achieved unanimous approval. In this way, it is included as Article 11, and thus introduces a modification to Law 2178, which is the provincial adherence to the National Traffic Law 24,449 / 95.

The measure seeks to add the safety vest to the rest of the security elements, in case the motorist must get off the vehicle. In the initiative, mention is made of the experience of the neighboring country of Chile that has a similar norm. The reflective vest shall be a garment made of fluorescent material that emits optical radiation of a wavelength greater than that absorbed.

The garment must be yellow and have two bands of retro reflective material of a width of not less than 50 mm each. The bands will arrange horizontally, surrounding the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the yellow vest.

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The government's helmet measure aims to educate adults about their responsibility and the risks they face if they do not apply it. A fine of 90 Euros for the child does not wear a bicycle helmet and a safety vest.

As of March 22, 2017, children under 12 years old will be required to wear a helmet when riding a bike. This decree published in the Official Journal of December 22, is aimed at both young drivers and young passengers riding on the bike of an adult. In case of non-compliance, the parents or the person responsible for the child will be liable to a fourth class fine of 90 Euros.

A measure is that part of road safety and aims to promote good habits from an early age. The government website provides figures that are unquestionable: "The helmet reduces the risk of serious head injury by 70%, the risk of minor injury by 31% and the risk of facial injury by 28%". It also highlights the high vulnerability of the youngest (children under 6 years): "Wearing a helmet drastically reduces the risk of loss of consciousness: at more than 10 km / h, it drops from 98% in the case of a 0.1% non-helmeted head for a helmeted head ".

The bicycle helmet must bear the CE mark

As regards the helmet, it must meet an important criterion: it must be homologated and bear the CE mark. It must have three distinct layers: a cap (outer part), padding located under the cap to absorb the impact of impact and padding comfort. It must also offer good visibility and allow the wearing of glasses.

There are other equipment requirements. The bicycle must be equipped with a horn, front and rear brakes, a reflective tape on the pedals and lights at both ends. In case of night traffic, the cyclist must wear a self-reflective vest. In addition, the government site emphasizes the role of parents who "through example" teach their children to equip themselves. "It has been found that parents of children with helmets are inclined to wear one already."

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Boatel offered 100 protective helmets and 500 fluorescent vests to the city. The ceremony of delivery of this material for motorcycle drivers Jakarta takes place the day before yesterday in the course of the town hall.

The equipment given to the city is part of the policy of strengthening road safety actions. The aim of Sonata’s donation is to coach Jakarta motorcycle riders with a view to making fewer accidents and, indirectly, fewer casualties. A choice that led, according to Mayor, to set up the Directorate of Urban Monitoring and Citizenship to promote citizen elitism, the safest guarantee of security for all. "So, it is a great pride that we welcome the drivers from Jakarta to City Hall to mark this event magnifying the close collaboration between Sonata and our local community," said Taller Scylla, Mayor of the city of Ties.

Taking the opportunity, Tall Scylla reminded drivers in Jakarta that the safety equipment that the municipal authority has just received from its partners has one purpose: to reduce the number of accidents. "So, I expect you to behave better in traffic. I do not want to see overload of pregnant women, more women with a child on the back riding a motorcycle. I urge you to respect the rules of the road, "said the mayor. On these points, Tall Scylla announced that as of October 30, any driver in Jakarta who is traveling without a helmet and safety vest will be arrested by the security forces. "We sensitized, accompanied but we arrived at the implementation phase in the field. With that, I will be intractable even if you know all the tolerance that I always showed concerning the motorcycle drivers Jakarta, "he warned. The Sonata Foundation, in addition to the donation, has rehabilitated the building E of High School. The reception ceremony of the building is scheduled for next Tuesday.

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For navigation within 2 miles of a shelter, a life jacket of 50 nektons is sufficient for regulation. Trevor launches, for this purpose, the Izeber50 flotation jacket, which offers both thermal insulation and buoyancy equivalent to a vest of 50 Newton (Certified according to ISO 12402-05). It does not replace a lifejacket for upper navigation categories (coastal, mid-shore and offshore). The floatation jacket reduces the risk of drowning, but does not guarantee rescue, as the user must swim and keep his head out of the water, on his own. It can be used during water activities, by people who can swim and in sheltered waters or in calm seas, with help nearby. The Izeber50 jacket is ideal for jet-skiing, canoeing, paddle boarding, windsurfing or light sailing, less than 2 miles from a shelter.

The buoyancy of the safety vest is achieved through closed-cell polyethylene slides containing air and micro beads. This flexible and lightweight component guarantees comfort and freedom of movement during maneuvers. Reversible, the neon orange side with integrated reflection strips on the shoulders makes it easy to see. Trevor’s Izeber50 jacket protects against wind and cold while remaining free of movement, without feeling like a buoyancy aid. On the other hand, it is water repellent and allows the fabric to stay light, breathable and warm. On both sides, two zip pockets are useful when the vest is used as a jacket, on the color side. To prevent the jacket from rising when you're in the water, a subcutaneous strap goes between the legs to hook on each side of the vest, in a loop.

Although the Trevor Izeber50 safety jacket is still a bit imposing, it can be used both on land and at sea. Wearing it on the color side, it can be used as a sleeveless jacket to keep you warm while being stylish.

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نوشته شده توسط chinastars در چهارشنبه 17 آبان 1396

A security assistant from Nantes is in prison on suspicion of stealing sensitive materials from the police station in order to return him to a city in Nantes. This is a case that has been carefully kept secret for a good week. The police in Nantes arrested one of his families. A 26-year-old security assistant suspected of stealing five bulletproof safety vests, tear gas and even a secure radio. He was indicted and detained. In the corridors of the central police station, stupefaction is in order.

The story is first of one or two vests that disappear, several weeks ago, from the secure room where they are stored. It's a room that opens with a magnetic badge. We do not enter as in a mill. If they were not lost, then it was someone from "home". Departmental Security investigators set a trap to confuse the unscrupulous policeman. They placed GPS tags on the remaining vests. Bingo: a vest on which was a snitch was embarked. The investigators only had to follow the digital signal. They called this colleague on August 30th.

This Thursday, this young man who presents himself as "fragile psychologically" has presented to the room of the instruction of Rennes a request for release. On the bottom, he recognizes the flights. He claims to have handed sensitive reflective material to a man in the Clops Thoreau district, south of Nantes. One way, defends the policeman, to avoid pressures that offenders of the city would impose on members of his family.

The investigation is nevertheless far from complete. Was the security assistant able to receive cocaine in exchange for his services? This is a question, raised before the investigating chamber on Thursday morning, which will have to be purged.

This young policeman in reflective vest has already made a lot of talk about him. Never outlawed, he has already gone to Discipline Committee. But this bodybuilding enthusiast also distinguished himself for his good and loyal services. He had participated in the rescue of a mother, savagely attacked by an unbalanced armed with a knife, in Raze, spring 2016.

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