The turn of France of the regional logos with reflective element: everything and nothing but the graphic creation really takes a hit... But could we do better for simple administrative authorities without historical legitimacy?

It will now be possible to select a region and one of its departments and to affix them, once and for all, to the final registration plate of his vehicle.

The Ministry of the Interior has grouped all these logos and their graphic characteristics, in order to perfect reproduction.

Graphitize reissues the Ministry's press release and selected logos...

"In accordance with the combined provisions of Articles 9 and 10 thereof, the Decree of 9 February 2009 laying down the characteristics and method of placing vehicle registration plates (published in the Official Journal of 10 February 2009) Life registration number assigned to the vehicle must include a territorial identifier on the right-hand side: consisting of the official logo of a region and the number of one of the departments in that region, integrated into the manufacturing process at The plate or the reflective material used for its manufacture, so as to guarantee originally the conformity of its positioning as well as its dimensional and visual characteristics.

Article 9 of the said decree, in its 4th paragraph, specifies that the regional logos, reproduced on the number plates by the sole manufacturer of plates or reflective material bearing homologation, are available on the website of the Ministry of Industry.

In order to enable license plate manufacturers to reproduce each of these logos in accordance with the applicable graphic charter, the twenty-six sheets accessible via the links below present the reflective logo of each community concerned in the context Of the support of the plate and indicate the colorimetric references to which its reproduction is.

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Officers finished testing new reflective uniforms and other equipment components. On most lists of police equipment tender, and next year will begin a gradual replacement of equipment. Change still passes through the shirt and skirt, which will be tested again. All police officers should have uniforms exchanged by the end of 2019. In the police serve roughly 40,000 men and women. Exchange of police uniforms, according to previous information had come out to about 130 million.

New uniforms and garment in recent months, police tried in the Central Bohemian and Moravian-Silesian region and at the police headquarters. ČTK was informed the Police Presidium spokeswoman Ivan Nguyen.

The change probably will undergo shirt and skirt," said Nguyen.

A current clothes policeman has been criticized. Police officers in the field often complain need to trousers. New summer pants spokeswoman meet expectations officers still must evaluate the technical properties of the material from which they are made.

Officers in the field, for example, get a jacket for the winter and summer, reflective vests with pockets, caps, emergency overalls, gloves that will not stab, and unified sunglasses. Some components of the kit abolished altogether, like women's hats. Changes also will undergo uniforms, which dominates the color dark blue to black color. The recently have red border and are tailored to measure.

Part of the changes is a new form ranks. In the officer ranks current silver octagonal star replaces a five-pointed gold star. In the lower ranks tricuspid it will be a silver star. The inspiration for some parts of the new equipment was clothes police officers in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

The greatest variation police uniforms took place in the early 90s. At that time, the current police wear green uniforms made by reflective material replaced the original that police remain after the then National Security Corps.

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Pedestrians will have to wear for reduced visibility on roads outside the village reflective vests, decided on Wednesday (December 9, 2015) MPs. They also did not allow cyclists alcohol, neither increased speed on motorways to 150 km / h.

According to Transport Minister Dan is not the intention of the police to pedestrian. He pointed out that the number of dead pedestrians is quite alarming. Measures obligation to wear a reflective safety vest should be incorporated in the Act.

The amendment to the Road Traffic Act heads to the Senate, and then he gets to the signature of President Milosz. The House also supported the proposal, and to tighten the penalties for drivers who sweep at a railway crossing when the warning light illuminated. They could not get over driving ban of one to two years.

Conversely, deputies did not support the proposal that selected sections of the highway 150kilometrovou speed. Lawmakers rejected the amendment to the amendment to the Law on Road Traffic, which wanted to allow higher speed.

The House also rejected a proposal that was with cyclists riding tolerated by half per mile of alcohol in the blood and without reflective jacket.

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High visibility vest; which is part of the compulsory vehicle, it belongs to the cab car and not in his suitcase. This is a basic lesson with which in recent days have encountered (and mingle can continue) motorists during traffic controls in the area of ​​the metropolis. Central Bohemian police had engaged in preventive actions aimed at increasing visibility for motorists.

Its mission is to remind motorists obligation to use the vest whenever the driver out of the car, in order to solve a technical malfunction or accident. Now why should he have on hand - and not in the trunk reminded policewoman Monica?

Having a car in a vest designed for the chauffeur duty - policemen, however, highlight the need to ensure security for the entire crew. The ideal is that for a rainy day should safety vest in the car ready with everyone sitting in it.

Yet it does not remain just rhetoric. Designed just for passengers, "explained Schell. In addition, since the drivers were heard very positive response.

In just the first 13 days of the campaign distributed police during the nine audits in total 462 reflective vests; most in the Celadon (170) and in the nearest metropolis (in the region of Prague: West - within the territorial division of the Messenger of police activity - it was equal to a hundred and Prague-Country: East 20).

The current wave of the campaign is mapped out at until Dec. 15, when police officers with bulletproof jackets still meet motorists - and additional checks are going until February.

Reflective warning banish death

For drivers who stand out from the car in dealing with crisis situations, the use of warning vests responsibility - as a useful supplement would be, however, the police also recommended pedestrians. Especially in the current season with short days, long nights and sometimes lousy visibility even at noon.

Without exaggeration, without exaggeration, because in the dark or in the rain, for example, can be a matter of life and death. For example, while the figure in a blue dress (yes, practically invisible, not just black!) Can only observe from 18 meters reflective material elements are visible from up to 200m of distance. The driver who travels 75 km / h, while it needs about 30 meters out to react and managed to avoid pedestrians ...

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Bettino Fire released from prison the man's body, wearing safety vest and shoes - The Civil Guard is investigating what happened

A man died in the early hours of Friday to Saturday in a hit registered in Santa Marta. The victim, D. Marsha, was 38 years old and was a resident of the parish of Célèbre cambers. Health services moved to the point could do nothing to save the life of man. Firefighters had to release the body, which was trapped under the vehicle.

The accident occurred shortly before six in the morning. The driver failed to stop the man, he encountered when leaving a curve in the middle of the road "flailing" according to Civil Protection ensures that the driver said the Civil Guard in the crowded accident. The woman, a young resident in the municipality burgundies, about five kilometers from the accident site, according to local emergency personnel, said he had not had time to dodge the man or brake to avoid the accident. She suffered a major crisis of anxiety in the aftermath of the incident although he was not injured by the impact, they say.

The very conductive tourism, which was heading to work when the accident occurred, was contacted with the regional emergency coordination services 112 went to the point, in addition to firefighters and Civil, Sanitary Protection 061, Tostados and Watch keeping civil Traffic.

At the moment the grounds that the victim would find in the middle of the road, at a point in low light is unknown. The man invaded the road without wearing reflective vest since, says the Civil Guard. At the time of the accident, the man was wearing work clothes. Effective failed to identify in detail the clothes but say that both the pants and jacket were working and wearing safety shoes, detailing Civil Protection. Security forces and emergency reviewed twice each of the three routes that could carry the man to try to discover why he was at the point but not detected "no abnormality".

The Civil Guard and police in reflective jacket have opened an investigation to clarify what happened. Cluttered equipment subsector A Coronas instructs proceedings to determine the causes of the accident. The competent court is the Instruction guard Bettino. The accident occurred in particular in the AC-614 road at kilometer 2,100, about two kilometers from the access to the AP-9 highway, according to the Civil Guard.

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The new set is called Garibaldi and consists of trousers and a motorcycle reflective jacket, thanks to its three removable layers; it can be used at any time of year. The new set of Garibaldi stands out for its three layers that endow versatility sought by those bikers who do not want to have dozens of motorcycle jackets depending on the weather.

This new jacket 3/4 is completely waterproof and breathable outer fabric 100% 600D Polyester and Polyamide reinforcements Super Tenacity on shoulders and elbows for added safety. Removable thermal lining with finished edges is in fluorescent yellow reflective tape. Garibaldi jacket features a removable Ex-Tex membrane that closes frontally to the neck for total waterproofing and breathability. In addition, it also has an inner lining made of ant sweat grid, 6 front pockets fully waterproof, the two main lower-rimmed reflective material rubbers, and 4 shots upper air on shoulders and chest, 2 lower sleeves and at the top of the back.

Other features of Garibaldi motorcycle jacket:

2 ventilations sleeves are also a large pocket

The fabric grid all fluorine yellow for visibility

Great back pocket

10 removable handles in pockets and vents for comfort

Auxiliary hidden pocket flap

Regulation adjustable collar, sleeves, cuffs, waist and lower hip

Stretch shoulder and elbow

Corduroy lined collar and neoprene edge finish

Multiple 3M® reflective fabric details front and back for added safety

YF® protections CE 1621-1 CE approved shoulder and elbow

EVA padded protection on shoulders and elbows

Back protector pocket

Zipper for joining to pants

Garibaldi This jacket is available in black and gray and in sizes XS to XXXL.

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Just over a year ago, Gore introduced the One Gore-Tex Active, a cycling reflective jacket with a permanent waterproof outer layer thanks to a revolutionary fabric. Now comes the turn to One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry, the female version of the most advanced waterproof jacket in the world.

The number 1 manufacturer of waterproof garments and fabrics launches the women's version of a jacket that can repel water permanently thanks to a revolutionary fabric: Gore-Tex Active. What is special about this reflective fabric? As it eliminates the classic three-layer construction (lining + membrane + outer layer) to give way to a fabric composed of inner lining plus outer impermeable membrane, offering the most complete and efficient protection against water ever seen in a waterproof garment.

The One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry arrives in stores in two versions, Bike and Run, the first one dedicated to women cyclists and the second, with integrated hood, more focused on the practice of running. In both cases, the jacket features a feminine cut pattern with a modern matte black finish and matching reflective patterns.

In Toto Mountain Bike: One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry, female version of the most advanced waterproof jacket with reflective tape in the world

In addition to the waterproofness and breathability, the One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry also stands out for its lightness: 133 grams in the Bike model and 158 grams in the Run version.

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Security through visibility - Belo June Special

Seems it with blue skies and sunshine may still matter, things in the twilight, in the dark or in the rain quite different: Reflective safety vest are a distinct safety advantage and provide a vastly improved visibility.

Fashion makes always exploring colorful spheres, even garish neon colors are always in trend in motorcycle clothing - but the majority of bikers still rely on the good old black. From nursing ago also quite logical, black clothing has to be very dirty, make it look even dirty.

No tedious donning the safety vest!

Thus even those are safe on the motorbike, Belo starts in June a "safety vests action" - to every purchased Mina jacket there is a high visibility vest free! But not just any, but a specially developed by Mina safety vest that can be combined with Mina models. The safety reflective vest can be connected at the back with a zipper front; it is simply attached with Velcro to the tabs provided.

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3850 reflective material garments are currently being given away to all kindergartens and primary schools in Solingen.

By Janine Walter and Hannah Seifert

More safety for children in road traffic was the goal of the action of the traffic guard. Therefore, 3850 warning vests were distributed to kindergartens and primary schools.

"It is proven that dark-clad people are only perceived by drivers at a distance of about 25 meters in low light conditions. With light clothing this value is increased to 50 to 60 meters. With a warning safety vest, on the other hand, it is 130 to 160 meters, "says the chairman. Therefore every nursery and every elementary school has a set of warning vests - 30 in children's sizes and 2 in adult sizes.

The 8,000 Euros for the West were financed by the Eugene-Otto-Buts Foundation. "We will always use the West when we go out with the children. They are there for that, "says the director of the Catholic kindergarten St. Josef, Ute Muller. Often she was not traveling with the children in the dark, but she just found it safer. The kids are also enthusiastic about the squeaky yellow vests: "I like the vest because I like yellow," says Pie.

Following the delivery of the warning reflective vests, they were also tried out at the same time. Together with the policeman Thomas Mueller and some parents, the children set off for a walk. Often Muller has to catch the children again. "Go, do not run. And stay on the children's side of the walkway, "he says again and again. At the driveways on the way, all stop and look exactly at other traffic participants. "That is a good thing. The children get to know the road traffic so early, "says Father Luigi.

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