A man of 66 years of Curtis died after being hit by a truck on the way to court. Police in safety vest are investigating the cause of the accident.

We refer accident took place on September 24 at around 20:30 on county road 792 C leads to the courtyard. A man aged 66 years traveling by bicycle in the middle of the road. Without a helmet, reflective vest on him and without bike have any lighting or reflective element to make visible to other road users - the cyclist was hit by a truck driven by a man in Chisinau Chris.

The victim was transported to hospital where he died. But before death, her biological samples were taken to determine whether or not it had consumed alcoholic beverages. The results indicated that the rider had a blood alcohol level of 1.20 pure alcohols in the blood when the accident occurred.

"The accident took place on 24 September at around 20:30 and the first research conducted on the spot established that a man aged 66 years in the yard, while traveling on a bicycle with wearing a reflective clothing on the road county 792 C from DN79 courtyard was fatally injured by a train headed in the same direction of travel of a man of 54 years of Chisinau Chris. Carry out further research to establish the exact circumstances of the accident, while being concerned together a dossier of criminal investigation for manslaughter, "said Inspector Lorraine, Arad county police spokesman.

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It is widely known that the bust may advertise everything - even PVC tiles. It is a truism will also say that it perfectly suited to advertise motorcycles and motorcycle accessories by reflective material, which are still largely, interested mainly men.

Scorpion patented unique technology inflatable cheek pads Air fit, thanks to the helmet adapts perfectly to the shape of the head. This solution has also been used for the new Scorpion - model Exo-1000 (type E11) Air Pulse and now available on the market crust Air Spring. As the helmets are available on the European market, the French immediately performed shells advertising brand. It is also a kind of flick in the face for all those who are behind the introduction of mandatory reflective vest in France, and local motorcyclist stringent safety standards. With his sense of humor Air fit system compared to the part of the female body, which reportedly frequently mean statistical motorcyclist. According to the creators of the ad we throw it in the eyes more than most fluorescent paint a helmet or reflective clothing.

"The best protection is fluorescent and inflated" and "Press is inflated," proclaim the subtitles accompanying photographs generously endowed by nature models, dressed in helmets Scorpion and much more. Perhaps the feminists will not be thrilled, accusing the creators of objectification of the female body. We are curious whether you agree with them, do you think, perhaps, that the boundaries of good taste are not exceeded, and interesting combination emphasized properly.

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This season is a beautiful and colorful range of beanies. Cool, warm and sporty. This beanie of soft acrylic and reflective material is reversible, on one side in contrasting color to the text and on the other side embroidered logo.

The Beanie is comfortable and soft, made of double-knit wool / acrylic blend. This thin version heats perfectly on colder days. The material wicks moisture and heat when wet. On the side features a subtle leather logo.

Rib Beanie of reflective fabric

Comfortable in garter knitted hat with a soft wool / polyamide blend with a slightly mottled look. Perfect for cold winter days because the wool moisture will be away and warms even if the fibers are moistened. On the bottom edge is with a small folded leather logo. Smooth ribbed cap of soft acrylic double wire for a mixed effect. On the side is a small leather tag with logo.

Reflective Beanie

The Reflective Beanie features a knitted stripe reflective yarn around and a small folded leather logo on the side. It is a soft and comfortable knit cap from a blend of wool and acrylic. Wool wicks moisture and heat in humid condition excellent.

This knitted hat in wool blend has a windproof fleece lining Storm blocker. The helmet shape ears and back of the neck are kept warm. Learning center front is equipped with a small logo.

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Every year Nike releases a new version of the Air Max out. They do this since the late 80's at the new Air Max 2017 running comfort. This year they make it with reflective tape and let it can be lighter.

The sole 360 ​​degree air is not much different than the Air Max last year, but at the top there are some improvements and changes. The most striking is the disappearance of the Dynamic Fly wire and the return of swoosh on the old, familiar place. This is made entirely of reflective material. The upper of the sneaker is made of Engineered Mesh.

The sale of the new Nike Air Max is on 7 November. A sale price is not known yet. As in what colors will be available in the shoe. For the time being we have image of a black and blue / black. It will probably soon is the Nike Air Vapor Max market. For this shoe, the Air-sole is drastically overhauled and made smaller and more effective. The first shoe with Vapor Max, announced a partnership with Garcons in reflective jacket. Beginning in 2017 there will be a Nike Vapor Max for Garcons is brought out.

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A milk truck and a car collided on E18 about one mil east of Karlstad. Police in safety vest deal with this accident. Five people are taken to hospital and rescue workers are struggling to get a sixth peso sitting clamped. Milk car overturned into a ditch by the collision and the driver stuck.

He is seriously injured but contactable.

- He says he has no feeling in the body, so we'll see, but it is serious, says Ronny, duty officer at Värmland police in safety reflective vest. Three children were among the injured.

In the car were two adults and three children, 1, 3 and 9 years old. All five were taken to the Central Hospital with minor injuries.

- The car was driving on the road when suddenly a bang and began to smoke. It must have been about any kind of puncture. They put the car on the right side of the roadway. The driver turned on the hazard lights and went out of the car to retrieve his protector, but could not reach it. He was on his way back into the car when the milk truck came from behind and drove into the side of the car. The driver of the milk truck did not understand that the car was standing still, says Ronny in reflective clothing.

Mikael Karlsson, who lives nearby went to see what had happened when he saw that there were queues on E18.

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“The quality of care is absolutely crucial ... professionals need you ... It will take you by the hand tourists" ... This wish formulated by Valérie Pécresse (LR), President of the Ile-region -France, will perhaps be realized. One hundred students spotted with their purple safety jackets, paid on the basis of an internship, will be made from this Sunday on thirty attractions in order to "give the image of a welcoming France. "This" Tourism Volunteers "will last until 31 December,

The partners are numerous: The Louvre, Paris airports, department stores of Paris, Montmartre, Fontainebleau, Provins, Versailles Auvers-sur-Oise, Saint-Denis ... It would be a faultless if Paris had not launched the controversy on Friday, saying they were not informed of this initiative.

But this is only the beginning. One hundred young people are wearing reflective vest for the holidays. They should be thousand next spring. Meanwhile, Paris and the region will undoubtedly have pooled their forces. It is urgent since the attacks. In the first nine months of the year, despite the holding of Euro 2016, the region is a decrease of 14% of hotel nights occupied by international tourists. "We must make every effort to attract new visitors and retain those who want to return," insists Valérie Pécresse.

A strange initiative by the city of Paris

The city of Paris was arrested Friday, the president of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse on its plans to deploy at Christmas "volunteer tourism". "We have at no time been informed or coordinated the deployment of the volunteers in the Parisian public space," wrote Jean-François Martin, assistant to the mayor of Paris in charge of tourism.

The elected recalls that Paris has already set up since July 2015 "volunteers of Paris' youth in civic services whose objective is to perform a tourist reception on the main task of the capital sites.”It would appear somewhat strange that the Regional Council can deploy this new device on sites already squared by volunteers from Paris, without any form of articulation with the existing device," insists Jean-François Martin, denouncing the passage "a serious problem of method "and" a strong questioning of the legitimacy and compatibility "of the regional system.

Nasrou Othman, vice president of tourism in the region, does not include: "This is a sterile controversy. All initiatives are good to take...”

Lola, 19, a student in a school of tourism, is aware of this issue. "We need to answer questions from visitors, guide them when they are lost. We also need to reassure the security and tell them that Paris is a beautiful city, and they should enjoy. “Lola will be based in Roissy - Charles de Gaulle. She speaks English, German, Korean and a little Chinese.

"The reception is a sector of excellence," said during the training day of the young, a representative of the Paris airports. "With your purple safety vest, you will color our airports," she was glad. "On arrival at Versailles, you will guide visitors to the castle. Can you help them to return to Paris, "Said an official practice of Versailles?

Tony Estanguet, ambassador of the Olympics in Paris has already set the challenges for the future: "In 2024, we will need 70,000 volunteers!”

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It was held Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the CGIL of Rimini the second Organization of the police union conference.

It was held Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the CGIL of Rimini the second Organizational Conference of the police union Silp for CGIL. The meeting was introduced by the Provincial Secretary of Andrea category and continued with the report of the Regional Secretary Silp Daniele and with the intervention of the provincial. "In the security sector we are seeing in the last 10 years - said Daniele - a cut of € 9 billion and witness an increase of 23 billion for the Defense. Instead of F35 and tanks we believe that our country has greater need of flying and flak safety jackets, in short, all those tools to enable us to fight crime in the city, to give answers to people's fears, to work, for example, the immigration phenomenon that unfortunately is transformed into a police problem and public order, while it would be an issue that should run the company. We are concerned this cut to resources as has worried us very much moving of the State Forestry Corps, from military to civilian police within the Carabinieri. And 'This is a decision that goes against the trend to the police most modern and advanced. In our opinion, or we reverse the trend and return to invest in this sector, or the citizen inevitably will suffer, will suffer the city and also we will suffer. "

In the document of the Organization Conference on "more synergies, more participation, more protection" where reference is widespread insecurity, fear of attacks, concerns about crime, the economic crisis, such as social vulnerabilities that engage the police in safety vest, stressing the strategic role that the Silp CGIL has to play in the key of social cohesion: through interaction with the CGIL categories engaged in activities related to the safety of the city; with its plans for the dissemination of legality in schools, among young people and among the most vulnerable sections of society; the continuous involvement of the social partners and with the coordination of the forces in the field and with projects that constantly follow decorum and live ability to make accessible and open places of aggregation and culture, public and private spaces.

The Conference Organization is moving in the path of the Fourth Congress of the CGIL SILP who had outlined a horizon defined and attainable for a reorganization of the Fund based on the unification of the police force in general jurisdiction, the centrality of the citizen, the efficiency of services, the elimination of duplication, streamlining of the hierarchical levels of coordination, the change of assumptions, more system resources. The modernization, for Silp CGIL also involves the review of leases, favoring state-owned real estate or better yet confiscated from the crime and the exploitation of labor, its quality and the different characteristics of the sector, implementing a full contract system of first and second level.

Graziano has referred to the social and territorial bargaining able to expand and combine the protection of citizens' rights with those of work. Is about to open the discussion on the Financial Statements of Commons, on this topic one of the proposals that emerged was to ask the Mayor of Rimini in safety clothing a meeting to discuss the age-old problem of the headquarters of the Police. More generally, even the Silp CGIL intends to make its contribution as part of collective action aimed at building a growing network and articulated able to dialogue with the whole of civil society, workers and employees, pensioners and pensioners and even more with the young people.

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Even before the visitors have passed through the security gate of the courthouse in the August Street, they radiate silver on black or black on silver reflective of the imprint "justice" of the new safety vests of officials at the gate counter. Since the beginning of the sergeant in meeting service wear spherical and puncture resistant west, said Albert Bruckner of the Financial Department at the District Court Regensburg on demand of MZ.

This is a reaction to the murder in a Dachau courtroom, which marks the first time. The Ministry of Justice recommends the meantime all sergeants, who are involved in the court with the public, so to wear a safety vest, says Bruckner. This recommendation sent the Justice Department not only to the court in Regensburg, but all in all of Bavaria.

A must the new vest is not so. The Regensburger Wachtmeister, who are dealing with the court with audience had, the offer for their own protection but well accepted and agreed to wear the black fabric vests with the sewn-in safety plates and the black and silver Velcro inscription, as Bruckner continued.

About 25 vests, the sergeant has the Regensburg court since early January. The safety reflective vests, which officials have ordered the Regensburg court, Bruckner reportedly weigh depending dress size one and a half kilograms and protect the carrier on the upper body before fired ammunition and attacks with bladed weapons. Each vest costs about 500 Euros. To pay the Justice Department cares.

The reflective material vests are not the only new acquisition, which has led the Bavarian Ministry of Justice in the aftermath of the murder in the ways: Minister shopping was about the private security personnel and the occupation with sergeant increase.

In addition, the individual checks were tightened at the entrances to the murder. In the Bavarian dishes can be found, according to Bruckner now taken consistently. A security measure, which was renewed last year at the Regensburg court, according to Bruckner is the lock, which visitors must pass. There is in fact already before the murder at Dachau. However, it was replaced by a more modern version, which still allows more detailed investigations.

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Children can road hazards often not properly assess, as they due to the height of the overview are missing. Against this background, the ADAC has been around for 7 years from annually approximately 750,000 safety vests to 22,000 primary schools. The ADAC Orstclub MSRT Freiamt supported the event and gave the 2,500-west, which were distributed in the district, 360 to 12 elementary schools.

Mayor Hartwig, who in the west handover with this, also praised particularly the "great action of ADAC" and thanked on behalf. In Mayor noted that even while waiting at the bus stop wearing the reflective vest makes sense. Finally, in Sexau Mayor Michael Goby was present at the handover personally. His advice to the first-graders: "Take up the vest with reflective tape and writes purely your name so everyone his favorite place again".

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Chris Holmes created a collection of clothing that stands on internships privacy stars. Clothes with reflective material in contact with the flash react and irrevocably spoil the picture. Is nosy paparazzo losing the creativity of music?

Paparazzi are a word that causes allergies in all the stars. They accompany them anywhere: while in the restaurant, shopping and park. The end of photographs appointed musician Chris Holmes. All through the design of clothing destructive image quality.

Holmes was an inspiration for your own experience. To their poor quality influenced suits in bright colors, which photo story. Unpleasant experience musician pierced in the success of creating a collection Anti-Paparazzi. The group included: hooded reflective jacket, sweatshirt and scarf.

Each element contains a bright thread, effectively candling pictures. The publication of such photographs will refuse any publisher.

Anit-paparazzi, is a project of a crowd funding. This means that his introduction to the mass market determines the amount of positive comments from Internet users and the funds collected from potential donors.

In addition to Chris Holmes among the designers who value privacy was Saif, who designed reflective fabric scarf. As it turned out, it's the perfect gadget for celebrities. In his closet, among others, already he has it Nick Jonas, Cameron Diaz and Major. Inspired by the positive response concept, the designer expanded the offer with a tie, pocket square or housing on the phone. We wonder if native star would have made this collection in your wardrobe.

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